Mara Ashwood
Mara Ashwood
Human Female
23 Years Old
5'4" in Height
139 lbs in Weight
Shoulder length auburn hair with hemp threads woven through it to keep it out of her brown eyes, dresses in a mix of animal hides.

Mara was the first and only child of a young couple living in a fishing village, her mother having died in childbirth. Her father, a trapper, taught her the trade he made his living by. When she was out on her own due to her father having taken ill, she came across the burnt out ruins of a necromancer's lair, and found a spellbook within that was both intact and in a language she could read.

With her father having succumbed to his illness, despite her efforts to use what magic she'd learned to save him, Mara has now thrown herself fully into the study of necromancy. Having lived as a hermit for the past several years to refine her craft. Having concluded there was nothing more she could learn from the scavenged spellbook, she has decided to expand beyond her borrowed demesne to achieve greater things with her power.

Having lived several years in isolation, Mara is somewhat skittish and paranoid. If conversation goes toward one of the crafts that she's well learned in, however, she'll prove enthusiastic to both discuss and demonstrate her field of expertise.