Vital Statistics
GenderGreen-Crested Male
Apparent AgeYoung Adult
Weight10 stone

Odan is a lizardman from the southern swamps, unnamed jungles that are the favored hunting ground of both fearsome beasts and adventurous slave harvesters.  His accent and perfect diction of the common tongue, along with his brief and unflourished moniker indicate that he was taken at a young age.  However, he walks with no master and appears to have no owner but himself, advertising his services as a mystic, exorcist, and healer of unusual ailments, travelling semi-openly in society.  Though he doesn't name his craft, he is still seen as an eccentric, and viewed with some suspicion.  Still, skilled medical hands are rare, especially in the remote places he travels in his mule-drawn cart.

Odan is shorter than most humans, with a long, blunt muzzle; triangular teeth; and a dark green ridge of spines that descend down his back.  Small yellow eyes peer out from the platelike scales that make up his inscrutable face.  His scales run from pale green to almost yellow along the front of his neck and presumably his belly.  The tip of his tail sways low, protruding out from beneath the hem of his robes.

He is most often shrouded in a shadowy gray hooded robe, bound with a black silken cord at the waist.