Badwin deLongar
As humans goes Badwin is  a typical one, admittedly he is taller and more slender than most but other than that he is your average guy. His fair skin has not seen much sun and his hands are soft, not knowing a day of hard work. He keeps his brown hair cut short and his dark black eyes have far away look.

When it comes to clothing his are of a good quality in the colors of black and orange with his family crest (a charging boar with blood dripping tusks).

He tend to walk over his own boots but luckily he usually ends up on his feet.

Badwin is the son and heir to  Baron Perssabel deLongard most commonly referred to as Blood thirsty Persi.  Badwin sire is renown warrior and ruler of Chaldea barony. As the latest heir of a blood line whose males are not expected to survive past their fourth decade (death in battle or in politics is very common in the family) Badwin was suppose to learn the family trade and become a murderous warrior.
Alas, the young man was more keen on the more soft arts, study literature and lore he even, gods forbids, tried talking with people instead of smashing them with a morning star. In his ever search for more books in the large (yet oddly not used) library Badwin came across a large tomb known only as the book of Bones. He became an avid reader and than practitioner of the necromantic magic inside.

When Badwin came to age he still had not shown the family knack for bashing and smashing people about. Thus, his father commanded young Badwin out into the world and not to return until the world had shaped him into a decent chap, which by deLongard standards mean, a brutal cold blooded killing machine.

Using his small funds Badwin obtained a small tower, Sky-Ridge tower, where he had been cooped up in the last few years mastering the arts of the necromancer. Now after he exausted all lore he could gleam from the book and from his companion shades he begins the search for more resources and more lore.

Magic - When Badwin was ten Nana, the only person in the world that showed him kindness, died from a coughing fever. Badwin was crushed, he scouted his father library until he came across the book of Bones. The book taught him how to summon ghost and spirits known as etemmu (the dead who had forgotten who they were).

Badwin magic allows him to summon the dead and converse, bargain or compel them to do services for him. Most shades know more than the living, or at least pretend to know, and most of Badwin summoning is to gleam information. However, he had learned that etemmu can also possessed specially prepared bodies (although he never tried it yet).

Badwin shades

Nana - Nana was the nursemaid that took care of Badwin when he was a child. She died when he was ten and she was the first shade he summoned and accidentally bond to himself.
Vision:Nana is invisible to those without the sight, to those who can see dead people she seemed like a big boned strong and tall  woman in her late fifties with a strong chin and kind eyes.
Limits:Nana must remain within hearing range from Badwin at all times (usually a score of meters or so).
Price:To please her, he must make sure he groom himself and not forget to eat and tidy after him.
Uses: Beside giving him a good advice, Nana can spy on people near him that speak about him or watch over corners and give warning.

Cyaro the Sage - was a renowned sage some fifty years ago. Badwin summoned Cyaro to help him with translation of some obscure text.
Vision: Cyaro is old and balding with a far away look and a tendency to over talk about subjects he is interest in.
Limits:Cyaro can appear only in the dead of night and only in the presence of some item of lore.
Price: Every new moon Badwin must spent a night debating with Cyaro on some obscure scholarly text.
Uses: Cyaro knows many obscure facts and is very good at translating texts.

Many fingers - is an etemmu with minor telekinetic ability he can use on the world.
Vision: Many fingers appears in the form of whirlwind of hands.
Limits: Many fingers would need to rest for a week or so after manifesting its powers in any meaningful way (moving more than a pound).
Price: Many fingers crave for chaos and disorder, once in while Badwin must allow him to vent his anger in some destructive way.
Uses: Technically Badwin summoned Many fingers as a body guard, so far he had proven more trouble than protection.