Valaeris de Rothscoeur
Valaeris is a pale-skinned young woman, approximately 26 years of age, with long, raven hair and bright gold eyes. She is rather short, standing about five feet tall, with a slim yet curvaceous body that she normally covers with black evening dresses tailored to her form. Her posture and slim waist suggests that she is taken to wearing corsets, which provide double duty as back support when she is digging up graves.

As her clothing suggests, the woman is one of some means and is known locally as la Comtesse de Rothscoeur, since the passing of her parents when she was twenty-two years of age. Her hands are always covered with black kidskin leather gloves unless she is in the comfort of her own home, though there are rumours abounding as to why she does this, they are as of yet unsubstantiated.

Valaeris was born on one of the de Rothscoeur properties, the only child of Comte and Comtesse de Rothscoeur. She was schooled with private tutors who taught her to speak several languages and everything she would need to know to one day manage the de Rothscoeur interests.

As a young woman, she discovered that she was not precisely normal. There were rumours that the de Rothscoeur manor was haunted, but they only started after Valaeris was born. She raised her first dead animal at the tender age of three, a bird that she'd found on the ground, fallen from a tree. Her mother screamed at her to lead the corpse go, and she did, but it promptly flew into the air.

Valaeris first found love when she was seventeen years of age with the son of a travelling lord who was staying with the de Rothscoeurs over the summer of that year. She and he planned on being wed with the blessing of their families, however he suffered a fatal injury while hunting that was rumoured to be an assassination from a rival family. The boy's family interred him without Valaeris ever getting to say goodbye and this affected her deeply.

Valaeris' abilities have been tolerated, though not embraced by her parents, whom she had a formal relationship with as many upper class families do. When they passed away, she mourned them as was appropriate but was well-prepared by that point to take over de Rothscoeur Manor.

Valaeris is the archetype of a noblewoman: capable, rational and ladylike, she exudes grace and good manners whether it be in a ballroom or a cemetery. She tends to bite her bottom lip when she is thinking or anxious and has a terrible habit of teasing those she is close friends with. She has an affectation of carrying her pet snake, a gorgeous black mamba she calls Edward, coiled around her neck or wrist. Strangely, Edward was the name of her first love. Whether this is coincidence or a strange magical spell is up for debate. The snake is clearly venomous but she talks to it like some women do their puppies.

Valaeris does not raise the dead for power or profit: her social situation has seen to it that she needs neither. She seeks beauty and love everlasting through the perfection of undeath and thusly only raises those who mean something to her. Her zombies and ghouls are like family to her and she does not put them in dangerous situations unless she absolutely must. She has been known to experiment with raising metahumans as well as regular humans and may have an orc or two pressed into her service as undead bodyguards.

Valaeris often entertains at her home and makes it no small secret of her magical abilities. Some of those in the countryside shun her because of it, but those closer to her know that she has a certain respect for the undead and that her creations do not hurt those she cares for... burglars and thieves attempting to enter de Rothscoeur Manor are a completely different story. Guard dogs have nothing on a guard zombie orc who is hellbent on protecting his Mistress.