Kaeden Annabeth Rachel Laila Drachenkind
Race: Human -- Draconic Heritage
Class: Dragon Knight Paladin [Mythic Guardian]
Vitals: Female, Age 18, 5'9", 175 lbs.
Myth-Weavers Sheet: https://www.myth-weavers.com/sheet.html#id=1309494
Theme Music:

    Aurix Valignatic Itmen
    "Gold Burns Bright" -- Motto of the Drachenkind Family, who's heraldry is the head of an Adult Gold Dragon in front of a pair of crossed gauntlets with laurel branches to the right and left of the dragon head.

    The family motto is something that Kaeden had always pondered, since Gold had not only the literal meaning of meaning the mineral and said color of mineral, but metaphorical definitions.  Gold was the best, as one got awarded gold medallions for placing first in contests. Gold was a holy color.  A color of the righteous.

    So, she took to heart the family motto to mean that one's good actions (gold) would reveal her inner character (burning brightly), and so has done her best to live up to that standard.

    It started when a young desert-dweller came to live with them, the daughter of an old friend of her mothers, a former team mate.  Aruna would be staying with them til she was old enough to go to the Hunter's academy.  Kaeden promised she would love and protect the girl like family.  And she kept that promise -- doing her best to rein in the fight-loving Aruna before things got too bad, and healing her wounds.

    It was when she found out she Could heal wounds that she realized she had a path laid out before her, and announced to the surprise of her mothers and Aruna that she would attend the Hunter's Academy with her adopted god-sister to become the latest in the long line of Drachenkind warriors, the Dragon Knight.

    Her grades were... average... at best.  Not terrible but not spectacular.  So it was, again, another shock when those in her family realized that something came out when she fought.
    A shy girl, unsure of her place in the world, she was not confrontational at all, keeping quiet and to herself, mostly.  Though Aruna helped open her up, she remained a mostly singular person.
    Fighting, however, awoke something... A fire, a spirit that burned with the ferocity of the family's heraldry.  She was a fighter, alright.

    Kaeden fought to protect.