Kitsuniro Kuzuko                                                                     
Race: Kitsune
Class: Kensai Magus; Mythic Archmage
Vitals: Female, Age 21, 5'0", 103 lbs.
Myth-Weavers Sheet: https://www.myth-weavers.com/sheet.html#id=1309263
Theme Music: Wagakki Band - Senbonzakura

    Kuzu is a slender young woman.  She stands only a hair over five feet in height, and weighs around a hundred pounds.  In her hybrid-form her straight hair conceals her human ears, leaving her white-tuffed fox-ears visible.  Both are light reddish-brown in color, and her hair falls to just above the base of her tail, the last several inches of which is tipped in white.  While blending in in human form she looks quite similar, save for the disappearance of her fox ears and tail.

    When afield and expecting combat Kuzu opts for a more western style, donning a simple light purple longsleeved tunic-dress that she wears over black capri-length pants.  About her waist is a wide red sash that allows her to secure her weapon, Misuterii.  Around her neck she keeps a drawstring pouch.  This purse serves as both a good-luck charm, and her spell-component pouch.  About her shoulders is a simple green hooded travelers cloak containing pockets of various sizes.

    When relaxing away from the dangers of combat, Kuzu prefers to dress in the traditional attire of her homeland.  The bright, beautiful floral designs of her silken kimonos serve as testament to both her noble and unwed status.
    Kuzu is a kind soul, always willing to help those in need if it is within her power and means.  She has a seemingly insatiable desire for knowledge on the subjects of the arcane, and a driven will to better her skills as a warrior.  For all her academic pursuits, she can seem rather introverted to those who don’t know her, preferring books and scrolls over new social interaction.
    Kuzu was born in a small village in the Eastern Nation.  Her mother was the warrior priestess who watched over the village, and her father was the huntsman mage who won her heart.  After Kuzu was born, her father settled there, content to spend his time protecting the village and living the life of a small town nobleman.

    From an early age, Kuzu’s parents provided her with as much of an education as they could, teaching her everything that would be expected of a young woman of her social stature.  Her father also introduced her to the various alchemical reagents that he knew and taught her about the arcane arts, knowing that her Kitsune nature would offer her a natural gift.  At the same time, her mother encouraged her to learn the art of the sword and follow the path of the samurai.  They each suspected that one day their daughter would choose one path or the other to pursue, but as it turned out, Kuzu took to her parents’ instruction with equal enthusiasm.  She genuinely loved to learn.

    As she grew older and continued her studies, it became clear that she was just as capable a mage as she was a swordsman, using her sharp intellect and her lightning reflexes to combine the lessons her parents had taught her into a fighting style that was quite unique.  Before long, she started helping out around the village, using her alchemical talents to help the common-folk, and using her talents as a mage and warrior to fight the bandits and mundane monsters that appeared from time to time.  It wasn’t long until her parents suggested she consider Solace Academy.

    Kuzu knew from her father’s stories that the life of a Huntress was one frought with danger, excitement, and opportunity.  The Huntsmen were the most educated, best trained, and most talented warriors, mages, and defenders in the world.  If she wished to continue her studies, there was simply no better place.