Roselle Monique Amaryllis                                                                     
Race: Emberkin Aasimar
Class: Questioner Investigator; Mythic Trickster
Vitals: Female, Age 60, 5'3", 115 lbs.
Myth-Weavers Sheet:
Theme Music: Keala Settle -- This is Me (Unavailable now, currently only found here)

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    Fairly short and rather compact for the most part, Roselle is a young woman with all the features of nobility - beauty, natural grace, charisma and a remarkable sense of fashion. At only five foot three, many are taller than her, though her dramatic, plumed hat tends to more than make up the height difference with a stylish black feather. Her hair has the color - and she has the faint aroma - of cinnamon about her, and she has a fair complexion and sharp features which give her a soft but clever look. Rose's eyes are unique, the most defining of her Aasimar features - their color is a shocking lavender-pink, vibrant and beautiful, but also quite noticable as quite an inhman color. She appears much as a young adult human, despite her age, due to her slow physical aging. her limbs are all quite slim, and her fingers a bit long and dexterous. Her build is fairly slim overall, save for her chest, which is just a bit more busty than her frame would otherwise suggest.

    Roselle's attire is decidedly smart and a bit refined, an elegant blouse of fine silk the colore of cherry blossoms covered by a feminine vest which accentuates her chest slightly A beld featuring a trio of beautiful moonstones encircles her waist,  into which her weapon rests, usually coild on her right hip as a whip, though sometimes worn as a rapier on her left hip instead.  Her bottom is covered with a poufy pair of wine-red shorts. Beneath this, she appears to be wearing dark leggings, though the keen might notice that the leggings do not end at her ankles. In truth, she wears a sleek, skin-tight bodysuit of finely-made black spider-silk beneath her clothing, covering her body entirely from the neck down.
    Major personality elements:

    Confident and coy, likes attention and a bit flirty sometimes. Capable of being serious about serious matters. Has been haunted by scars of her upbringing and mistreatment by society and by her family, and she's acted out on those feelings before, prior to finding a comfortable place within the team, and she still sometimes lapses into those darker feelings. She often tries to blunt the feelings with self-depreiciating humor or by drawing attention to someone else. Had a rough history with kaeden in particular, though the two are... questionably close now?
    The firstborn daughter of the notable Amaryllis Barony, Roselle was an eagerly-expected youth, but from her birth she faced difficulties for what she was. Her mother's distant celestial blood had skipped several generations and had been forgotten, but it re-emerged in the infant Roselle, and from her birth, she had  vibrant lavender-hued eyes, bright and unnatural, chilling to her family and the other nobility. Some recognized her for what she was - not merely an Aasimar, but an Aasimar of Peri blood, an Emberkin, with a blood of a fallen angel. Her existence alone put a shadow over her family, and she was sheltered from the harshness of the public sphere as a child. She soon had siblings, but in the end, there were none like her. Soon, her younger brother was bigger and stronger than her, and then her little sister as well.

    Her siblings were also not denied all the opportunities to noble children as she was, and while Roselle was given tutoring and training, she received little real opportunity. With no real attention given to her once her siblings arrived, she became a bit desperate, and would often slip out and have her own experiences. She learned a great deal about taking care of herself even as a child, though she did at the least have a home she could return to. It was these outings that allowed her to learn more about the Guardians, and while she scoffed at the idea of people sacrificing so much to help the people who were locking her away, she quietly thought that the idea of excitement and adventure was a lot better than the life she was living in her siblings' shadows.

    Aasimar age quite slowly, and it took her decades to reach an age where she could pursue anything more than a frivolous lifestyle. In the time that had passed, her siblings had grown up to represent the house, and both had been married off - though no attention had ever been given to Roselle, the freak of the house, generally someone kept from the public eye to diminish the reminder of her existence. Her father had passed away, and now her brother led the house, and her mother was - is - old and withered, now. Roselle never did confront her parents - she left her house without a word, and she signed up to join the Guardians.

    For all her secret escapades, she proved to be fairly confident and competent, both at wielding the magic which came fairly naturally to her due to her blood, and in the realm of her extensive education and martial training. Still, while she had all the technical skill of courtly grace, she felt haunted by her features and had difficulty adjusting to life as a Guardian trainee, and had particular difficulty integrating into her team. Regardless, through the trials of training missions, she eventually found a place among them, if only a tenuous one.