Kayleigh Greenleaf is a pretty young elf, with crimson hair, emerald eyes, and freckles dotting her cheeks and nose.  Like many of her people, her skin is fair, though unlike humans, she doesn't seem to burn easily.  Everything about her screams quality, as if there is some sort of money in her past.  She stands tall, a couple inches shy of six feet, with the slender build common of the elves.  Her hair hangs long and often unbound, though just as frequently hidden beneath a cloak's hood.  She is often spotted with glasses.

Her mannerisms are slightly quaint.  She appears to have a form of cleaning compulsion, but if her surroundings are clean enough, she may well just settle in with a book.  She is just as often found with spell components and trying to figure out how the magic works.

She is almost always in company of Cody Panther and Ged Poomjer.  On lesser frequent occasions, usually when called to task by her family, she may be spotted with very similar looking elves, regally dressed....