Amal's family took work as indentured labour in space before the Fall to escape poverty on Earth. When one of the asteroids they’d mined was exhausted, the company, trying to cut costs, offered to let indentures remain on the dugout rock. Many chose freedom with an uncertain future over indenture. Survival was difficult, and young people were sent out to freelance. Amal specialised in security work, later recruited by the Eye on what turned out to be a Firewall-sponsored assault on an ex-human Kuiper Belt outpost. Something of an ascetic, he prefers asexual morphs.

I’m a seeker. I’ve given myself 1,001 days to practice turning inner excellence into righteous deeds. Firewall seems a good place to study.

Motivations: +Asceticism, +Protect Transhumanity, +Brinker Faction
Languages: Arabic, Skandinavíska
Faction: Brinker
Full Name: Ahmir Sektioui