Saga Norqvist was a post-doc researching Titan’s methane lakes when the Fall came. After the war, with more openings available in civil service than the sciences, she got into police work and became a detective. A good detective. Sváfa has a low-key interviewing style that makes criminals give themselves away without even realizing that they’re under interrogation. Her department is the Science Police, a Titanian Commonwealth agency that investigates crimes related to state-sponsored research. One of her favorite professors from university recruited her into Firewall, calculating correctly that Firewall and its work would be too irresistible a puzzle for her to resist.

Exit wounds look like biter rounds.
But I also see nanoswarm damage.

Motivations: +Technoprogressivism, +Titan, −TITANs
Languages: Skandinavíska, English
Faction: Titanian
Full Name: Saga Norqvist