Theresia von Brandt
Theresia von Brandt is the youngest child of the storied and prestigious von Brandt family. Though their line is an old one, and has many laurels to its name, the von Brandt's are only recently acquainted with the Inquisition. Indeed, only Theresia's grandfather, Agustus, served the Eye that Watches as far as their family records indicate. His reasons were his own, though local legend suggests the man suffered some great personal tragedy and sought solace in work that would bring him in line for his personal vengeance. If asked by his favorite grandchild, Agustus claims he only wanted to serve the state from the dangers that would harm the Federation.

Whatever the truth is, Agustus' legend inspired the young girl.

She cared nothing for her father's banking interests, or her mother's political machinations. Indeed, the roles expected of a noble child for the most part were insensibly boring to her. More than anything, she wanted to follow in her grandfather's footsteps. And so she took to studying investigative techniques, history, local politics, swordsmanship, and other fields that she thought would help her based in her chosen endeavor.

Such was her passion and dedication, that one of the last acts that her grandfather performed in this world was to right a letter to the Inquisition, petitioning them for her membership. Theresia was saddened when her closest relative passed from this world due to old age, but he left her with a proud legacy that she has promised to uphold.