Hither came Razuli. born in the land of Zamora, and grown to be both fast and fit and warrior born. Spawned of the union between a Brythunian and a Zamorian, he an outcast even among the urchins of the City of Thieves. Razuli unsurprisingly became a scoundrel who naturally is sneaky, and was trained by one of the so-called spiders of Zamora, who used the boy to run dangerous errands. Eventually, Razuli struck out on his own and managed to plan and execute numerous robberies in his past. Now, let me tell you of the days of high adventure…


Razuli is a Zamorian rogue who found himself a bit too hot to stay in Zamora and ended up in Brythunia. Razuli is fluent in Brythunian and Zamorian. So stealthy, it is rumored he was born of shadow. He has also proved a gifted scout, and while untrained, Razuli is an instinctual fighter. Agile and strong he moves like a cat, his eyes also remind most of a predator. Razuli wears brigandine armor to grant him speed and stealth, a shield hangs on his back, but he appears to favor smaller blades and fighting in close.