Elizabeth Wentworth
Name:Elizabeth ( Liz ) Wentworth

God or Goddess Name:Circe

Portrait of Circe circa 1700's during a visit from OLympus. Although, the artist did not know who she truly was.

Apparent Age:23

Occupation: Bookstore and Curio shop owner/ Herbalist / Midwife

Physical Description: Circe stands at 5'6" and weighs 130lbs. Her body is curvaceous in all the right places and toned in the others. She wears her hair to her waist but it is often styled in many different ways. Although, always a red head it can vary from the lightest strawberry blonde to the deepest auburn. All human mortals simply believe she dyes it. Her eyes are an expressive sapphire. Much like her hair, her eyes can shift in shades of blue, usually based on her mood. Circe is fond of all modes of dress but tends more towards jeweled colors.

Personality:Circe is overall happy with the status quo. She feels as though things have evened out a bit between what was called the "Greater" and "Lesser" gods. She loves running her business and has been known to help people who cannot afford her services (especially as a midwife) for free. Circe is extremely romantic at heart, but has trust issues based on her past. She was exiled for years for killing her husband, although, in her mind she believes he deserved it for seeking the bed of others repeatedly.
 On the downside Circe is known to have a rather bad temper. If she or someone she cares for is threatened it is wise to avoid her for awhile. She is well known for turning her enemies or those who threaten her into wild beasts. She still can do so, however, it is harder and she is a great deal less likely to do so due to risk of discovery by humans.

History:Circe was born the daughter of Hecate the goddess of witchcraft. As a god she was renowned for her vast knowledge of herbs and potions. She was known to carry a staff which aided her or enabled her to turn her enemies into wild beasts. Circe was married and bore three sons and a daughter. Unfortunately, being part human they passed long ago. When she killed her husband the Prince of Colchis, her father Helios exiled her to the island of Aeaea. Eventually, to escape, she had to destroy the entire island. Circe has felt guilt over that more than anything else. Over the years she has had to hide for fear of being shut away again. Although, some of the gods and goddess reached out to her, and she was happy to spend time with those of her kind, so long as they treated her with respect. Now, however, she need not fear exile as all of them are exiled. So, to hear this was a benefit of freedom and safety.


Herbalism: Circe is able to grow herbs from seed to plant with a simple spell. She is a superb herberalist whether she uses a spell or not. The spells increase and change the potions but she is powerful without it.

1) Circe no longer carries a staff as she had for in the past as it would look off to normal humans. Instead, she uses a ring that can change her enemies into animals. It is harder for her then before, and it depends on the strength of the god or goddess how successful she is. In addition, it is not to be overused or it will take her strength.

2) Healing: Circe is a healer using spells as well as herbs, often a combination of both

3) Circe is able to defend herself using Sorcery. Although, like most powers the power, is not as powerful and will drain her.

4)Growing Power: Circe can help make plants, herbs, flowers etc. grow.

Likes:Helping others, Making potions, running her bookstore, good wine and good food, sparkling jewelry

Dislikes:Bullies,know it alls, power mongers and unnecessary violence