Name: Lucas Ward (he prefers Luke)

God Name: Morpheus

Apparent Age: appears to be in his late 20's to early 30's, depending on the day

Occupation: He owns a popular pub in town that also works as a makeshift coffee shop, earlier in the day. Minors are allowed to be there from 8:00am to 5:00pm. If they do not leave before 5:00pm, they will be thrown out. Alcoholic drinks are not available until after 5:00pm. The pub/coffee shop has a nice kitchen, and Morpheus is an excellent cook. The pub is well-staffed, so he does not have to remain there if he has other things to do.

Physical Description: Morpheus is a very fit young man. Well, he appears to be young, anyways. He appears to be between his late twenties and early thirties, depending on the day. As the God of Dreams, a good night's rest works wonders on him and his appearance. If he is tired, he'll look older than he usually does.

Morpheus is quite tall and well-built. He clocks in right at 6'4" tall, 220lbs, and has the musculature of a well-trained athlete. He has a tattoo on his left pectoral.

Personality: Morpheus is very easy-going, as any retired God of Dreams should be. He is laid back, and believes that the other gods are taking this 'fall' too seriously. If they would just relax, everything would be fine, but they stress themselves out unnecessarily.

Morpheus is very open-minded. He simply does not care what religion you believe in, what your political views are, or what your sexual orientation is. It's all trivial nonsense to him. He has been known to be mischievous these last few years. He tends to mess with the dreams of those who annoy him.

History: Morpheus' history is fairly well-documented in Greek and Roman mythology. The realm of sleep, dreams, and nightmares is controlled by his father, his siblings, and himself. Since the fall, he has taken up residence in Glendale with the other Gods and Goddesses. He, like most immortals, is extremely wealthy. Who would want to live throughout eternity poor? Morpheus likes his pub/coffee shop. Most people like a good cup of coffee, and those who don't...well, they generally like a good drink in the evening. It is a very popular establishment, and owning it has allowed him to meet and mingle with the locals.

Likes: Morpheus loves being a human, or at least pretending to be one. Being a God is stressful and hectic. Being mortal, being human, is simple and easy in comparison. He sees the fall of the Gods as his retirement.

Dislikes: He dislikes not being at full power. Morpheus wishes that he was at his full strength, and hates feeling weak in comparison to how strong he used to be.

Goals: He is tired of godhood, and has accepted the fall of Olympus and the Gods with grace. He simply wants to live in peace, and enjoy the trivialities of being 'human'. Though he has accepted the fall, it wouldn't take a lot to convince him to try to help bring the Gods and Goddesses back to their rightful place. He does miss having his full powers...