Natalie Hardgrave
Name: Natalie Hardgrave

God or Goddess Name: Nemesis

Apparent Age: 26

Occupation: Police Officer

Physical Description: Natalie stands at 5 foot 10 and is of average weight and build. She has brown eyes and short spiky hair that is also brown in colour. She rarely smiles especially when humans are around but does slightly around other gods and goddess'.

Whilst she is working she is in a uniform that is always kept in great condition, when she is not working she wears Gothic or band shirts normally coloured black or dark colours, she is either in jeans or a short skirt and black shoes.

Personality: She is a real down to earth person, she hates most humans as he believes that after every thing she done for them they go around and stop believing in them and doesn't want to forgive them from what they done. The few that she doesn't hate are the few she works with helping catch and punish the worse one.

When she is around her brethren she is a little bit happier and talk to just about any of them especially if they are talking about getting back their power they lost and gives her own ideas to the cause.

History: As the Goddess of Revenge and Retribution she wasn't at all famous as the others but the didn't bother her that much as she enjoyed what she was doing in their structure. After the fall she spent the first few months hiding and having to kept calmed down by the other because all she wanted to do was hurt and punish Humans for what they did. The other suggested that she should become a Police Officer since she could still punish some Humans who did wrong but still blend in.

Likes: Punishing Humans that did wrong, Helping other gods.

Dislikes: Most Humans, Remembering the Fall.

Goals for the game: She wants to either get the gods and goddess back to their rightful place and if that doesn't work just keep in the force and punish those that did wrong.