Marcus Wells
Name: Marcus Wells

God or Goddess Name: Plutus (God of Wealth)

Apparent Age: 25

Occupation: None. His wealth is enough to keep him from having to find a real job. He does play the stock market and has a few other economic ventures that give him something to do on the odd occasion when he gets bored.

Physical Description: Marcus is not overly tall standing around 5'-10" and having a slight athletic build. He is well manicured and quite handsome. His long blonde hair accompanied by piercing green eyes tend to make him seem younger than he is.

Personality: Marcus is a very friendly and charismatic person, he likes to talk and discuss any number of matters, even though he will admit that on most things he is a neophyte. But he is willing to listen to the sides of any discussion and then try and make a unbiased choice.

Unfortunately Marcus does have a slight temper and a mean streak. If seriously slighted personally or if one of his friends are subjected to such treatment as to raise his ire the offending individual may soon find themselves in dire economic straights. Fortunately it takes a great deal to make Marcus mad.

History: Marcus probably came through the fall a little better off emotionally and possibly situationally that some of the others. To him he just sees the fall as a slump in the market. After the fall Marcus used his knowledge of wealth and economics to quickly build himself a small fortune. Enough to keep him from having to work like the humans around him.

Likes: Money and the different ways that it can be accumulated. A good party with good people. All the finer things in life.

Dislikes: Thieves, as odd as it may seem Marcus can't abide a thief. Gaining wealth simply by taking it is not sporting. Work at least the sort that requires physical labor.

Goals for the game: To acquire enough wealth to live incredibly comfortable until things get back to normal.