Lurum Bicker Boren
Lurum grew up in Baldur's Gate. He lost his parents at a really young age, and got by as a street performer. Once he bumped into some exotic travelers, he got a hold of a special coin. Soon after, Lurums luck turned. He discovered he had some special powers. He started being able to have flashier shows, incorporating a lot of fire and magic into his performance. He made a lot less mistakes, and had an easier time slipping away from trouble. The one time he forgot to bring the coin, he had a major accident, scaring away the audience, and leaving him permanently bald. From that point on, he packed his stuff, and made sure to bring his coin, and set out to find a new audience, or some new ways he could use his powers to acquire bigger riches.

Lurum is a tall gnome, 119 cm, with a medium sized black beard, and a wild magical accident have made him permanently bald, which he prefers to cover up with his tophat.