Daelon Shimmerset
Born into a religious high elf township, Daelon and his sisters were raised to embrace the chaotic and boundaryless nature of their people in worship of Erevan Ilesere, elven god of tricksters and mischief-making. Rules and laws were believed to only limit the potential of those trapped under their suffocating weight, and held no power within the holy sanctuary of their family.

This lifestyle never agreed with Daelon, and his rigidness earned him a reputation as being unimaginative and tiresome, with no real place within their society. Though he was the eldest of his siblings, Daelon endured decades of abusive from his little sisters, deviously disguised as harmless pranks, fun and games. One incident involving a pitfall and several dozen forests adders made a particularly deep impact on his relatively young mind, leaving him with a crippling fear of serpents.

As the years went on, Daelon only grown more apart from the community and its ideals, while his sisters took on more central roles in the town clergy. Despite their new roles, the physical and emotional abuse Daelon suffered at their hands did not diminish. Knowing something had to change, he decided to slip away unseen to find his true place in this world.

After making ends meet finishing various menial tasks for a while, Daelon found a home aboard the merchant ship "The Greasy Dolphin." As a stark contrast to the commune, the half-elf captain of the Dolphin set obvious expectations of her crew: Follow the rules, do as you're told, and keep your head down. A tightly run ship, in every sense of the phrase. Daelon had fallen in love immediately.

As a high elf aboard a primarily human vessel, Daelon had been the object of some initially mockery from his ship mates. This only lasted until their first shore leave, when his first tavern brawl earned him a reputation aboard the ship as a deceptively competent fighter. After that, Daelon had found a certain solace in the life at sea, and a sense of belonging he had never truly felt with the family he had left behind.