Davor Spiritwalker
Name: Davor Spiritwalker
Race: Half-Orc
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 235 lbs
Age: 36
Class: Cleric of the Death Domain

Appearance: Davor is large when compared to humans, but not compared to the orcs that raised him. He wears his thick, black hair in dreadlocks woven with glass beads of various colors and carved pieces of bone. His green eyes are sharp and piercing. At times, they seem to flicker with a strange ethereal light. His grey skin is covered in the thick black tribal tattoos of the orc shamans. When the light shines just right, an array of thin scars can also been seen on most of his body. He is broad shouldered and solidly built. He wears armor that bears all the distinctions of the orc tribes: a seemingly haphazard mixture of various pieces covered in war paint. A wolf skull serves as a pauldron for his left arm while the greave on his right leg is covered in wrought iron spikes. While there is an iron morningstar tied to his belt, it is the half-orc's other weapon which draws the eye. He carries a large scythe with a shaft of ebony that has seen enough wear for wood to be worn smooth around the grip. The blade is steel, but it was painted red at one point and the chipping paint gives the weapon a grizzly appearance.

Backstory: The orcs of Icewind Dale have a fairly hostile relationship with the other residents of the region, but stranger things have happened than a half-orc or two. Davor was born to an orcish mother and a human father, but when he was an infant they were forced to flee the more civilized areas for the wilds. Davor's father did not survive long after this and so his mother brought them back to her tribe. Growing up as a half-breed amongst full blooded orcs wasn't a pleasant experience for Davor and it was made that much harder when he began to have visions and hear voices. The young half-orc spent his childhood being beaten, mocked, and abused by the entire tribe. The tribe's shaman eventually recognized Davor's connection to the spirits and took him on as an apprentice, but in many ways this was not an improvement. Orcish shamans are cruel task masters and surviving as an apprentice is the main test of their tutelage. Many were the days that Davor wondered whether he wouldn't prefer to go back to being the subject of the tribe's ridicule.

There were benefits to the shaman's teachings though: Davor slowly learned to understand the voices and to interpret his visions. He gained a measure of control over the powers afforded to him by his connection to the spirits. As he mastered his abilities however, Davor began to grow restless. The voices told him he had a destiny to become a great warrior and they encouraged him to strike out and seize his fate. The day after his sixteenth birthday, Davor left the tribe to make his own way. At first he wandered aimlessly over the frozen tracks of Icewind Dale and surviving off of what he could forage and hunt. Eventually, he came to Ten Towns: the home of his father's people. Though he had difficulty joining the community, he managed to prove himself useful enough over the years that they at least accepted him without outright hostility. Now and then someone will be desperate enough to seek out the mad orc who tells fortunes.