Iris Amastacia
Race: Elvan
Class: Shadow Sorceress
Suffers from Albinism
Hair color: White
Eye color: Red
Skin color Pale / Almost White

Iris was born from an Elvan mother named Cilia. Cilia was ridiculed by fellow townsfolk for being a single mother with an ‘odd’ daughter. As a result, Cilia often tried to inflict strict social norms and expectations on Iris. However, this only seemed to push Iris’s already growing interest further into all things nontraditional. Iris was often caught reading into taboo things such as occult related topics and accursed magic. Cilia often expressed how her family history was ‘clean’ and the ‘magical taint’ must have come from Iris’s father’s bloodline. In regards to her birth father, Cilia often avoided the subject. The only thing Iris was certain of was that he was an Elvan man that her mother had a fling with before he died of natural causes; or so her mother always told her. The subject of her father mattered little to Iris because she viewed a father figure as just being another person who would be just as pushy toward “normal” expectations of her.

Once Iris turned 50, half the age that Elves are considered adults, her shadow sorceress powers awakened inside of her. While Iris was happily ecstatic about the development, her mother and other townsfolk only used her awakening as another means of rejectment. Tired of being ridiculed by her mother and townsfolk, Iris ventured to The Collage of Sorceresses where she could study and find mentorship for her newly found skills.

Iris spent 35 years learning to control and maintain her shadow magic powers. Iris’s mentor, Qinala, has determined that Iris had little left to gain/learn from remaining at the collage. Qinala has now instructed Iris to set forth and travel as an adventurer so that she may hone her skills through real world experiences and grow as a person. Iris found a lot of sanctity at The Collage of Sorceresses and is a little bitter that she has to leave and “deal” with people in the outside world once more.

Due to her albinism, Iris wears a hooded cloak during they day because her eyes and skin are too sensitive in the sun light. Because of this Iris has always prefers the night, stormy days, and winter months. Iris's skin is always ice cold to the touch and when asleep she doesn’t appear to breathe. Also, when injured she doesn’t seem to bleed much.