Sir Elmar Von-Klaus
Elmar resembles the quintessential knight in shining armor.  The chainmail that encases his powerful frame literally glows in the light of day.  A testament to the countless hours he has spent cleaning his armor. The heater shield and bastard sword he wields are also well maintained.  While these instruments of war are of a simple make, he always keeps them close and ready for use.

A white cloak and tabard serve to protect Elmar from the elements.  Inscribed upon them, along with his shield, is the standard of the Holy Knights of Selene.  A great helm is also in his possession, but its use is reserved strictly for battle.  The prayer beads he carries, however, are often clenched within his mailed fist.

Elmar’s otherworldly presence goes well beyond just his knightly vestments.  Like a man on a mission, he carries himself with purpose.  All the while towering over others due to his above average stature.  Often regarded as a handsome fellow, his height and appearance make it impossible for him not to go unnoticed in a crowd.

Nevertheless, Elmar’s most striking quality is not his strong jaw, olive complexion, or coffee colored hair. What draws the most notice is the look in his stormy gray eyes.  A light that reveals anger, and behind that anger control.  Beyond this, they reveal nothing more.