Pavel Iltchenko
Pavel Iltchenko is a boisterous man who comes from what he describes as a nondescript life.  He speaks little of his upbringing, not because of some great tragedy, but because a lack of any interesting stories.  He began his career of training bears rather young, and is lucky to be alive to this day.  Pavel speaks fondly of his brother Dazhja, but quietly of his sister Yurina and with glances over his shoulder.  His traveling companion, Potapych, is a partially-domesticated bear with a talent for dancing to the music from Pavel's kobza.  In this current journey, he found himself in a strong friendship with a Stirlander named Rudiger, a bond built from their mutual acceptance of death.  However, Pavel was not prepared for the death of his friend, and seeks an opportunity to avenge his untimely death at the hands of those deserter bandits.  A smile still sits on his face, but his eyes tell the truth.

Tall and lean, Pavel looks quite the opposite from his squat and rotund friend.  He clearly takes pride in his long mustaches, and dresses and grooms to the standards of his nation.  Pox-marked skin keep him from being considered a handsome man, but his nearly constant smile does help towards that effort.  Beneath all the oil his hair is actually a beautiful sienna, a warm color highly contrasted with his gray-blue eyes that hide an inner pain.

His clothes are well worn, taking the whites and reds from his home village in the northern reaches of Kislev.  A weathered leather jacket with countless tears shows that he takes his career quite seriously, though the efficacy of such a piece against any steel weapon is questionable.  He wears a fur cap upon his head, with a large red plume sewn in quite garishly.  A sword and whip are attached at the belt, with the occasional glimpse of a dagger or two from his persons.  Across his back (or often in his hands) is a kobza, a lute-like instrument from his native lands.

Potapych is a bear.  He looks like a bear.

Pavel is the jovial sort, always willing to raise a mug- or several- to his companions.  After all, life is too short to be miserable... especially when you train bears for a living.  When working or performing, his demeanor changes to the utmost professionalism, as there is no room for mistakes.  Most often he can be found swapping stories and jokes with his Imperial comrades, and pointing out the eccentricities of the Empire (while ignoring those of Kislev).

Concept for the future, should he survive.