Gottfried Ensslin
Description: A man clad in good clothes, rather than the abundant simple clothes most others in the group wear. Still, his dark clothing holds it's fair share of stains from his line of work. He wears a wide-brimmed hat and a plague mask quite often. Considering them a mark of office. Though, when simply walking the country side, he occasionally sets his mask aside to reveal his brilliant red hair that's kept in a neat braid. His face is one of determination and optimism. This is furthered with his Averland accent that lends to an unusually upbeat air as a medical 'professional'. He is clad in various herbs and religious symbols, and seems to hold onto his faith tightly.

Though he commits himself as a pious healer of both body and soul, Gottfried isn't one to cower behind ideals when the malcontent and rotters of the world come knocking. He fights with an ornate, metallic bonesaw that was an heirloom gifted to him by his old master. Though it's teeth have began to show their age after many years of service, it's edge is still keen enough to amputate limbs from the willing and otherwise... well, probably anyway.