Karelia Kargafind
Prior to taking the Slayer's Oath, Karelia was a Dwarf maiden full of joy and laughter. Born to Clan Kargafind in Karak Hirn, Karelia exemplified the popular Empire image of the jolly Dwarf, always ready to raise a stein in the name of her comrades-in-arms, and bawdy song upon her lips.

Nowadays, Karelia sings very different songs. No longer are they boisterous tales of Dwarven glory, nor suggestive tavern tales. Now she roars for redemption, and bellows for vengeance. In place of the friendly, approachable Warrior, there now stands a barely contained storm of fury. Where once she might have shared in the games of peasant children as she passed through Human villages, she now greets the world with a foul grimace and a harsh curse. This dark malaise that surrounds the Slayer goes beyond the simple fulfillment of Oaths as dictated by her entering the Cult. Instead, her soul is full of a bone-deep sorrow and anger, which haunts her during every moment of wakefulness.

The only time that gives her a moment's peace is the chaotic storm of battle. There, the swirling melee gives voice to the pain in her heart, and she can lose herself in the madness of slaying worthy foes. When gripped by her battle-lust, she shoes no mercy to those that stand against her, and asks for no quarter in return. Though death is her desperate goal, she will not go quietly into the land of the dead. She will raise such a tribute in the name of her dead love that the gods themselves will take note and show favor. When Karelia falls, she expects nothing less than a full saga of the deed, instead of a paltry song...