Sir Roland Halfstaff
Before you stands an armor-clad man in his mid-thirties, powerful and imposing in appearance. Long black hair, limp and oily, covers his head and runs down to his broad shoulders. Haughty eyes, of a cold azure blue, surveys the surrounding with an almost contemptuous look. Well-chiselled features form a handsome face that is marred by the arrogance of one who has supreme confidence in his own abilities, and yet looks down on almost everyone else.

Tall and well-built, and even though clad in heavy chainmail, his movements are quick and agile, leaving no doubt as to the strength of the muscles hidden beneath all that steel. A black eagle on a crimson background - coat of arms of Baron Grayson - is emblazoned over his tabard.

The man carries himself with an air of gravity and pride. Like a consummate warrior and one born to lead men into battle.