Duke Santiago
Santiago is an influential and powerful Red Court noble, with a history stretching back at least 1600 years. He arrived in the city recently, immediately assuming control of the Red Court, making an enemy of Kerri Graves, it's founder. Whatever he's here for, he's not saying, and his actions and motivations are inscrutable to everyone.

Santiago is tall, with smoothed black hair, hispanic skin tone, dark, dark brown eyes, and bright white teeth. He looks like an athletic man somewhere in his 40s, and his appearance is as idealised as any flesh mask. He wears suits that would cost most people a year's salary, and does not appear to carry weapons.

He is arrogant and self-assured, and enjoys gloating when he thinks he has won. Given how long he has survived in the Red Court, his confidence is likely matched by his abilities.

He sees the party as amusing at best, and has especially had fun with Aaron.