Daniel Reeves
Daniel was once a PI who unknowingly did work for the Red Court. It was on one such job that he encountered the people who would change his life. Now, Daniel works for Winter, as something of a mortal champion of Culkin's.

Daniel has drastically changed since taking up his new role. He's put on a lot of muscle, his skin has paled, and he has let his dark brown hair grow out to shoulder length. He sometimes carries a sword or a gun, and has become very alert, bordering on paranoid, constantly scanning his surroundings. He stands a little straighter now, at just a little over average height, and walks quietly, but confidently. He has green eyes, void of emotion. Daniel dresses in hard=wearing clothes, and uses a long overcoat to hide his sword.

He hates Aaron and Joe, and really hates Paul, his Summer counterpart.