Fan He Jones
Full Name: Fan He Jones (lethal lotus flower)
 Nickname: Fanny (hated with a passion but thankfully only known in the vault)
 Age: 18
 Gender: Female
 Sexuality: bisexual
 Occupation: vault tech maintenance engineer
 Language: English and Chinese
 Skills: Melee Weapons, Repair, Sneak then Science, Lockpick, Medicine and Small Guns if using the fallout skills lists

 Overall Appearance: Fan He stands out in her well tailored vault suit as it is well suited to her height and slim figure.  Her skin is still pale and unweathered from a lifetime spent in the wastes, proof of her vault upbringing.  She strongly retains the ethnic appearance of her Chinese ancestry and the severe lookin typically on her face can be off-putting and make her seem aloof until you get to know her better.

She does carry a knife on one side of her belt and a pistol holstered on the other.
 Height: 5'8"
 Weight: 130lbs
 Eye Color: Brown
 Hair Color: Pure black
 Hair Style: Mid back
 Complexion: Vaulter Pale
 Body Shape: Slim
 Clothing: Vault 41 vault-suit
 Character Model: fmc1017

 Sexual Likes: bondage, submission, toys, either very forceful or gentle aproaches
 Sexual Dislikes: anal, pain, watersports
 Sexual Strengths: flexibility, open mindedness
 Sexual Weaknesses:

 Merits: disease resistant

 Flaws: unfamiliar with the wasteland

 History: The last in an unbroken line of Chinese infiltrators her family line has been one woman after another, each using the genetic science of Vault 41 to maintain their 'ethnic purity' as each taught their daughter of their secret birthright.  They were not Americans but proud Chinese and it was their duty when the vaults finally open to ensure that the United States would fall.  It was this sacred trust and duty that shaped her early life and only now with the vault open that she has learned that all she has been told and trained for her entire life may be meaningless.  Still that upbringing has shaped her life and personality.  Keeping her from any relationship more than skin deep with the other curious young girls of their vault, and coloring her dreams until now she has set out, to find out if there could be anything left of her once glorious purpose in the world.

"I have myself,  five canteens, four filled with water, four day's vault rations that should not go bad, two candy bars, two knives, a pistol with 59 rounds of ammunition, one belt and holster for knife and gun, two vault suits, one dress, three pairs plain panties, three plain bra's one pair red panties, one red bra, five pairs socks, one pair stockings, but those have a few holes..."