Full Name: Astrid Pendragon
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Occupation: Courier
Language: English, Spanish
Skills: Has a little knowledge in most skills, moderate knowledge in medicine, blacksmithing, very skilled with melee weapons, unarmed and survival

Overall Appearance: Astrid is of average height and athletic build. She normally wears a flannel shirt and jeans along with a metal chest plate for armor. She also carries with her a composite bow for ranged combat and is hardly never seen without the hand crafted sword she made herself.
Height: 5'7"
Weight: It's not polite to ask a lady
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Hazel Brown
Hair Style: Ponytail
Complexion: Tanned
Body Shape: Athletic
Clothing: Flannel shirt and jeans, combat boots and metal chest plate
Character Model:

Sexual Likes: Light Roughness, Romance
Sexual Dislikes: Gross Stuff
Sexual Strengths: Experience, Stamina
Sexual Weaknesses:

Merits: Strong sense of honor, Educated, Naturally lucky

Flaws: Unwilling to use firearms, Dreamer

History: Astrid grewup in a Brother Hood of Steel bunker where ever night she was read or holotapes of the legend of King Arthur was told to her. From a early age she grew to idolize King Arthur and the other knights. The ideals and everything was so lofty to her and she believed that was what people she aspire to be like. The truth as she got older though was a cruel one as she began going through the training to become a brother hood squire and go through the ranks.

At 14 Astrid met a woman named Veronica of the brother hood in Vegas and that was when her whole out look on the brother hood changed. She started to realize hiding in the bunkers and continuing along the lines they were that the brother hood was doomed. When Astrid seen her mentor Veronica's words were being over looked and even dismissed that she had no choice. Astrid took time to prepare before finally making her way from the brother hood. She took her personal gear but left behind her weaponry for the handmade sword she had crafted and the bow she was lucky enough to get Veronica to scavenge for her. She wasn't proud of her actions but she also took two things from the brotherhood, a pip boy from a supply that was found from a vault and a holotape of King Arthur.

On the surfact Astrid quickly moved to place herself known as a courier which allowed her to keep on the move and hidden from the brotherhood. One recent job took her to Still Mill where she hoped to finally be safe for awhile.