Logan Rush

  • Name : Logan Rush
  • Age : 24
  • Gender : Female
  • Height : 5' 6"
  • Build : Slim, toned figure
  • Eyes : Brown
  • Hair : Red
  • Skin : Lightly Tanned
  • Nicknames : Rush, Little Red
  • Occupation: Wanderer

**currently wearing**
Old Military style jacket (patches ripped off the sleeves), white tank top, blue jeans in need of repair, a pair of old, red, tennis shoes. There is a holstered plasma pistol at her right hip, and a sheathed long knife at her left hip. She carries an older, green canvas sling bag over a shoulder and is wearing a battered Boston Red Sox baseball cap.

Dark red hair coils about Logan's head and shoulders, falling to the middle of her back, and is mostly worn loose or braided... depending upon the mood and weather. Chocolate brown eyes sparkle with mischief and seem to purposely hide deep, dark secrets best left buried. A long, lean, slightly freckled face is ridden by high arching brows that draw out the french genealogy of her cheekbones, nose, full red lips and a brilliantly white full set of teeth that when she smles, can light up a room.

Logan, or Rush as she lets her friends call her, is slim of figure... but well rounded in all the right places with long, shapely legs that put her a touch above average height. Her skin is of a lightly tanned creamy complexion, the bit of irish blood in her normally making it a fight to stay tanned well on the best of occasions, even considering the time she has spent outdoors lately..  The pale reddish hue of her skin, combined with her tightly trimmed figure and red tresses, allows her to draw most any eye in a room when she has that rare desire to do so.

She 'likes' to mostly dress in jeans with T-shirt or tank tops, wearing her ever present military coat over it all when the weather got hot, along with a pair of decent enough tennis shoes. But... she'll wear what ever is available as things aren't always that easily available on the outside of a vault door.


Logan is a full blown wild child in the flesh, there being only a few things in life she hasn't done or cared to try... yet. Very little seems to keep her down for long, she figures she probably isn't going to be around to enjoy old age so she might as well make the best of things... wherever she is. She can go from being a high class lady to rough around the edges in the space of one breath, having learned well to 'Do As In Rome'. She enjoys a good laugh and pulling a prank or two on friends, usually accompanied by a potentially foul mouth and dick jokes.

Many of her traits may be considered as quirky, but most of this can be related to the fact that she grew up as a Rover brat. Born to French parents, her family moved around early on, looking for good places to possibly put down roots. She's had a lot of exposure to the outside world and has adopted a custom or two here and there from some of the different cultures she has been exposed to. She has a definite French lilt in her voice when speaking.

She will not take assholes or bitches past the point of introductions.  Life is too short to waste letting manipulators ply their craft, and she is quick to put a stop to any hater that tries to rear their ugly head.


Logan grew up in a small French clan that had taken refuge in San Diego. Later, alone and young, she bounced around from city to city all over the former west coast of the USA. She's seen and absorbed much of the other cultures, and mashed them all together to make up her own little customs that many folk she meets call unconventional, including some of the various martial arts that she encountered.

Things haven't been easy for her, though you won't hear her complain about it. She figured you could either deal with what's thrown at you, or lie down and give up. And she doesn't give up very easily. "Take one day at a time, survive to see the next sunrise." Is a favorite motto of hers, one that has helped her get past some serious encounters.

Finally, road weary and needing something different in her life, she joined the army of the NCR, where she was initially used as a scout. However, the army of the Republic came to find out about skills she had acquired early on, and for the last two years of her military career she was used in intelligence gathering, where it was required of her to do whatever it took to get what the NCR wanted.

Now though? Wanderlust has struck her, and leaving the NCR in her rearview mirror, Logan has been taking a bit of a walk-a-bout lately.