Malcolm Farago
Full Name: Malcolm Farago
Nickname: Hammer
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Occupation: Brotherhood of Steel Paladin
Language: English
Skills: Weapons Training, Survival, Simple maintenance and repair of advanced technology, CQB, Brawling, Nuka-Cola History, American History, First Aide

Overall Appearance:
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 190 lbs
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Black
Hair Style: High and Tight
Complexion: Caucasian, Heavily Scarred
Body Shape: Muscular
Clothing: Practical. Usually seen wearing fatigues and combat armor when not in his T-60 suit. Off duty which is rare since his job is 24/7 you can find him in cargo pants, simple white tee and a patrol cap with combat boots.
Physically Malcolm is a big and imposing guy standing roughly six foot and change, weighing in around two twenty of sheer muscle. Hazel eyes have the thousand yard stare from years of surviving in the Wasteland. A storm can be seen beneath the surface like controlled fury. Calloused hands tell a story of a working man while the scars tell of battle. Talking a low southern baritone voice his speech is often short and to the point. Never been the one to get into long conversation

Sexual Stuff: What fun is it to reveal that now?

First and foremost a southern gentlemen, Malcolm is kind and caring. Despite his intimidating presence one can always find Malcolm helping the poor and downtrodden. With encouraging words and smile he offers support. Always looking to learn new things Malcolm has a more open mind then some of his fellow Brothers. However he tends to be bold and brash which can turn some people off. Some would say Dusty has a short fuse when those close to him are threatened. Has a love for Nuka-Cola which has turned into a bit of a obsession.

A long linage of heroes is what Malcolm comes from. Going all the way back to even before the Great War. While family records are spotty it is rumored that they were among the founding members of the Brotherhood of Steel. Whether this holds water no one can say but it is a point of pride for Malcolm. What is known that the family as served in the Brotherhood for as long as they can remember. As such his childhood was deep underground with school much like the days of old. Learning from the Scribes about history and technology Malcolm is grew up with knowledge that most don't have. As a kid Malcolm exemplified his family values. A hard worker and quick learner Malcolm was always in the top ten of his class.

As soon as he became of age Malcolm joined the Brotherhood. Going through the hard training regime without complaint. The young man grew to respect the harsh Paladin that trained him. One his first role models the man shaped Malcolm into the disciplined fighting machine he is now. Some lessons though never made sense to Malcolm like prioritizing technology over lives. Much of his early career was marked by notes about his compassion. Often standing as a literal shield between innocents and raiders. This disposition lead to the chagrin of his elders but won the respect of his fellow Brothers. A person you could count on Malcolm was always the first to go in and the last out.

As he grew up as a Knight that leadership tendency marked him for promotion to Paladin. As a leader he was well respected for his loyalty to the Brotherhood but at the same time also his high value on the lives of his men. When the Chapter went through a period of rebuilding Malcolm was on the side of pro reform. A very vocal supporter of change to age old policies. It was his suggestion that started Project Wagonwheel. The project would be unique in history as it would be the first time the Brotherhood would poke their head out from their bunker. Center to the project was gaining cooperation and trust of the local settlements in the hopes of growing the Chapter and providing valuable trade. The Brotherhood would provide personnel to train local forces and provide support through liaisons in exchange for recruits and technology.

Of course only a few settlements agreed when the couriers went out. However it was enough to start the pilot project. The onus is on Malcolm to make the project a success as it's creator. To that end the Paladin was assigned to one of the larger settlements, Steel Mill.

Personal Power Armor;

Malcolm's personal suit is affectionately called "Betty" by him. It's been by his side for years even to his promotion to Paladin. That being the case the armor is not by any means standard or uniform in it's painting and decorations. As usual it sports the base BOS black paint job with Paladin symbol on the left arm. However on the right pauldron is a red headed pin up smiling with drinking a bottle of Nuka. She has a laser rifle in one hand and is clad in lingerie with the American flag as a backdrop. On the front plate is the Brothers symbol front and center. Below that however is the words; "Paladin "Hammer" Farago" sitting below that is the Brotherhood motto "Semper Invicta". On the right arm running up are tally marks counting something unknown. On the back is the line "Contents Under Pressure" underneath is "'To open, use can opener". The left knee pad has "Why Hello There" on it which always seems to have faint blood stains on it. Finally the side of his helmet contains his blood type while the back has his nickname on it. The left arm has "State of the Art Badass" written vertical on the upper forearm. On the right leg is a more serious message in the form of a creed running from thigh down;
I am the Infantry.
    I am my country's strength in war.
    Her deterrent in peace.
    I am the heart of the fight...
    wherever, whenever.
    I carry America's faith and honor
    against her enemies.
    I am the Queen of Battle.
    I am what my country expects me to be...
    the best trained soldier in the world.
    In the race for victory
    I am swift, determined, and courageous,
    armed with a fierce will to win.
    Never will I betray my country's trust.
    Always I fight on...
    through the foe,
    to the objective,
    to triumph over all,
    If necessary, I will fight to my death.
    By my steadfast courage,
    I have won more than 200 years of freedom.
    I yield not to weakness,
    to hunger,
    to cowardice,
    to fatigue,
    to superior odds,
    for I am mentally tough, physically strong,
    and morally straight.
    I forsake not...
    my country,
    my mission,
    my comrades,
    my sacred duty.
    I am relentless.
    I am always there,
    now and forever.

Each one tells a story and has been added by the Paladin over the years. Some call it a sign of madness others see it as a necessary release.