Perrin Babblebrook
Perrin (Perry) Babblebrook
Lightfoot Halfing
Chaotic Good

Perrin (or "Perry", as he prefers) of the Babblebrook clan was born into a mundane life in an idyllic shire. His family were millers, providing the community with flour ground from various grains abundant in the area. From a very young age, wanderlust tugged at his soul. He would lie on his back in the fields after dark and gaze up at the sky, wondering what secrets were held in the stars overhead.

When he came of age, it was a great disappointment to his parents that he chose to take the mantle of explorer rather than inherit the family business. Nevertheless, the townsfolk bid him a good voyage with a bittersweet celebration. He spent several years flitting from town to town, eagerly soaking up any new information he could get his hands on. He was just as likely to be found chatting up the locals as with his nose buried in tomes of knowledge--both arcane and pedestrian.

It was in one such book that he was exposed to the cosmic horror of the elder gods; creatures beyond our ability and willingness to even comprehend. It nearly drove him insane, and left him scarred with both physical and emotional trauma. His eyes, once a bright, beautiful blue, turned milky and ashen. His steadfast and cheerful demeanor was now tinged with the occasional melancholy and forlorn ambiance of one who has seen too much. Afterward, he began to notice he had absorbed a certain unique and innate talent for magical expression... and he became aware of whispers reaching out to him from beyond the material plane.