Doriah d'Hevian

"It's easy to think you've got it all figured out. It's astounding what atrocities can be carried out because you're good and the enemy are by their very natures evil. Only you know better - you realise one day you've always known it was a lie, and then it's only a small step to acknowledge a truth you'd been hiding from yourself for a very long time. You know you're a monster and it's too late to take back the things you've done.

The only choice is to stop before any more harm is done. To leave - walk away from the cruelty and the malice, until you can breathe again. Then, only then, is there a chance to balance the scales and somehow do some good, because the gods' know, after all the evils you've committed, you need to redress the balance. You can try, but it's hard when you're not sure you know how.

So here I find myself in Stormreach. I want to make things better and I just need a place to start. I hope the ghosts of the past will let me."