Lorelei ir'Andreion

How does one define who she is? By her deeds? By her appearance? By the company she keeps?

These hands have ended many lives. Through the written and spoken word, I have enabled the death and suffering of thousands more. I have betrayed the home I was born to and the home that I chose. If it is my actions which define me, then it is a vile and treacherous creature who stands before you.

This flesh is scarred and ashen. Hot iron left its mark across my body and told a tale upon my face, that of an exile and outlaw who is far beneath all others. To judge by my appearance, it is a faithless wretch who stands before you.

I am alone in the world. All that remains of my life's great love are tears amidst ashes. His kin stripped me of their good name, and the sullied name I have left is a black mark in my own family's humble history. Behind me are enemies and before me are strangers. Without people, could it even be said that I exist? It might as well be nobody at all who stands before you.

And yet, here I am.