Any ignorant and uneducated person who sees Wulf may think that he is a Lycanthrope. To the educated and well-informed, they will know that he is indeed of the Shifter race. Because of the Lycanthropic Inquisition, some two hundred years ago, people began to fear Shifters as much as Lycanthropes even though they are a predominantly peaceful race. Shifters were hunted just as much as Lycanthropes and even when Keeper Solan Jol tried to correct the misinformation, the damage was done.

Fast-forward to the current time, the world has grown and people became more accepting. Shifter communities existed and there were even a number of Shifters who have integrated into society, living in major cities and the like. In Xen'drik anyway. If any were to stay in Stormreach long enough, they'd occasionally see a tall, heavily muscular, man with black-grey fur-like hair covering his body and piercing blue eyes frequent the local bars and brothels. Though his facial features largely resembled human, he has sharp canines protruding from his mouth even when closed. He'd never wear anything above the waist, save for a baldric across his torso that secures a shining Greatsword to his back. He'd have leather vambraces on his wrists and a pack slung over his shoulder and even though he wears pants suitable for running and fighting, he does not wear any boots and instead walks through the streets, barefoot, unperturbed by any of the glances and stares thrown his way. Any scholar or native of Khorvaire might notice upon closer inspection, his Greatsword was of great craftsmanship. There were symbols etched and engraved all throughout the blade and hilt that depicted the iconography of a famous order. The Silver Flame. No-one knows why such a man would have a sword of the Silver Flame and to any who observe him long enough, his distaste and hatred for that sword is rivalled equally by his unwillingness to let it go.

For any soul brave enough to look into Wulf's eyes, they'd find a great sadness and darkness hidden within. The trials and tribulations he must've gone through in his life is unimaginable for most and though one may fear him, most will still offer him their courtesy and aid out of compassion and sometimes pity. And so, every time he'd return to Stormreach, often bloodied and hauling some beast's carcass, he'd make sure to sell the parts and then clean himself up. With pristine and freshly groomed fur, Wulf would spend the rest of his time in Stormreach training, drinking or in bed with a woman.