Jacob Harken
Born Jacobus Van Harken in Johannesburg, South Africa, Jacob or "Jocko" as he is often called by friends and co-workers is a dynamic and colorful sort, quick with a joke and  not afraid to get his hands dirty.

While he did serve with the South African National Defensive Force as a younger man, he declined reenlistment in his mid twenties to pursue more lucrative private sector work. His resume includes a wide variety of postings, not all of them notable or prestigious. The highlights include helping to protect merchant vessels off the horn of Africa, service in Ukraine and recent action against Boko Haram in  Nigeria.

It was in Nigeria that he was severely wounded by an RPG blast and spent much of the last year recovering. Grafts were used to repair much of the lower left side of his face, his eardrums were ruptured and he deals with long term complications on a daily basis.

Despite his injuries, he still considers himself quite functional and very employable. GEM seemed to agree and brought him on as a Security Contractor.

Standing about 6'1" and weighing around 180lbs, his short sandy blond hair and bright blue eyes complement a lean deeply tanned body.

[Appearance: Ugly (Severe Scarring)][Distinctive Features: Scarred][Congenial]