Sissy Northhampton

Name:  Cecily Northhampton

Nickname: Sissy Northhampton

Company Name, Business Name, High School Name:  Hapsgate Hotels

Are you related to Uncle Jerry? Yes

If so- what is your relation? Great Uncle



Gender: Female

Age: 23

Hair: Currently Black (She is mourning her late Uncle) It has been a variety of colors over the years.

Eyes: Brown

Distinguishing Marks: Does excessive plastic surgery count?

Description of General Appearance:
Sissy Northhampton is a walking billboard to modern plastic surgery and Rodeo Drive.  Whatever she looked like when she turned eighteen has been erased to create the perfect silhouette.  Standing at 5'6, she perpetually wears high heels in order to gain those extra precious inches.  She has a lovely silhouette that shows off the designer clothes she always wears.

Her clothes are perfect, her eyes sharp, and her body perfect (in her eyes anyway).  If there is a mirror in the room, she is usually in sight of it.  She walks with a little wiggle and more than a little bounce- on purpose of course.


Sissy grew up being the social representative for the family- self decreed of course.  Since the time of her coming out party, she has never gone back in.  Sissy aims for perfection in everything.  Perfection in her body, perfection in her mind, and perfection in her actions.  This has resulted in her being a very successful, but quite lonely woman.  At the age of 23 she has purchased and improved the Hapsgate Hotels chain.  She is currently worth two million dollars- at least on paper.

Understands her Uncle- lived with him for a time.  Knows his likes and dislikes.  Has played games with him.  He taught her a lot about how to become the woman she is now.
She is ruthless and creative in how she approaches things.
Her philosophy is if you can't win- change the rules so you can.

Short sighted.
Too obsessed with perfection.
Has trouble seeing the forest from the trees.

Letting the family down.
The dark.
Birth Certificates and what they reveal.


Vassar- Graduate in Business Studies

Special Training:
Business Management

Sissy is skilled at art.  She can recreate things she's seen from memory with high accuracy.


Occupation/Position in Society:
Sissy owns a chain of hotels.  She is one of the heirs of the Northhampton family and sees herself as the guide for the direction the dynasty needs to head if they want to move to the next level.

Sissy is not the oldest of the new generation of Northhamptons, but she is definitely one of the most aggressively fierce.  Growing up with three brothers and three sisters- Sissy had to fight for her place.  Her oldest brother Charles, of course, got her parents fortune- or at least will when they kick the bucket.  Even at the age of five, she realized she'd have to make her own fortune.  So she did.  She's never looked away once.

She attended college focusing on Business in order to impress her father, but it didn't take long for her to assess that his business strategy was unsound and relied too much on Uncle Jerry's money to keep it afloat.  The day she graduated, she purchased her first bit of property with the two hundred thousand dollars her Uncle Jerry sent her.  She fixated on improving the property until she could use the proceeds to fund her next purchase, and on and on until she was able to purchase the Hapsgate Hotel chain- the one previously owned by her father.  She did it by leveraging his partners into selling her a controlling majority of the stock.  She will never admit it, but she loved sitting across the table from her Father and telling him exactly what she'd done.

What is your character's opinion of Uncle Jerry's Game?
Sissy is secretly delighted with the game.  Just like leveraging her father's hotel chain, she sees it as a way to sneak the fortune away from her less qualified family.  While she knows she probably doesn't have the skills to actually solve the game, she does know people- how to find their strengths and use them to gain.

What is your ultimate goal as you stand on the stairs of this mansion, waiting for Mr. Currier to say go?
Sissy would like to win of course.  She wants to prove that she is the best heir.  She has no worry about the money, and will gladly share portions of it with those who help her.  Mostly she wants to once again see the look on her father and her family's face when the girl known as Sissy proves she's the best of them all.