Carlie Brightwater

Name:  Carlie Brightwater

Company Name/Business Name/School Name: ‘Carlie Can-Do’ (odd job business) and ‘Brightwater Creations’   (bespoke woodwork business).  Sometimes also works at the cocktail bar at The Regency – a 5 star hotel that is part of the Hapsgate Hotel chain.

Are you related to Uncle Jerry?:
   Yes – but she doesn’t know it.

If so – what is your relation?:  His daughter.   Carlie’s mother had a very brief fling with Jerry, and became pregnant with Carlie.  But Carlie’s mother was fiercely independent and didn’t want to bring Jerry - a near stranger-  into her life permanently, and didn’t go back to Jerry to tell him, so she raised Carlie on her own, not telling Carlie who her father was.  Carlie still doesn’t know.

If not – how did you come by the invitation?:

Carlie’s passion is woodwork and she is a skilled wood carver and cabinet-maker, making bespoke items for clients.   She has started her own business – Brightwater Creations – running it from a rented workshop.  Her work isn’t well known enough to make a viable living from it yet, so she works a number of other jobs to make ends meet, including running her own odd-job business doing basic plumbing, joinery and electrics.  In the evening to supplement her income she works in a posh hotel cocktail bar.

One evening there was a charity fundraising function at the hotel she works at and she was serving cocktails at it.  Jerry was attending and she first met him there.  Normally Carlie doesn’t have much time for some of the hotel clientele, especially at functions like these with people who think that money means they don’t need to have any courtesy.  But there was something about Jerry that seemed different, something that caught her eye about him and felt….in a strange way that she couldn’t pinpoint….familiar?

He chatted a little to her at the bar while she made him his drinks, and like a good bartender, she listened. He seemed weary with the event, as if he was tired of pretending to enjoy it.   She felt kindly towards him and made him his choice of cocktail that wasn’t on the cocktail menu. In return he told her a couple of entertaining and scandalous stories about some of the other attendees.    There was something about the mischief and twinkle in his eye that made her warm to him more than the usual patrons.  He asked her a little about herself, but remembering her place she said very little, sharing with him about her passion in making furniture, but very little else.   He gave her a hefty tip, which she appreciated, and then didn’t think any more about him.

Until a couple of days later, when she was working in her workshop, and a well-dressed gentleman arrives, a man who works for Jerry.  He had been sent to look at her work, and if it met expectations, to commission an item or two from her.  Carlie was ecstatic.  She made two items for him as per his specifications,  with the usual loving care she crafts her creations with.  A small cherry wood bookcase, and a large intricately carved locking puzzle box made from walnut wood based on something Jerry had seen on his travels.

Carlie didn’t hear from him again, until she received the invitation in the mail.  She has no idea she is related to Jerry, and has assumed that the invitation came purely from her brief interaction with him at the bar and from his purchase of her work.



Gender:  Female

Age: 32

Hair:  Long, dirty blonde hair.  Usually left loose, or untidily tied up in a messy pony tail.   When she is working the bar at the hotel she has it swept up into a neat up-do

Eyes:  Blue

Distinguishing Marks:  Just like her mother has, Carlie has a lot of freckles on her face and arms.

Description of General Appearance:

Carlie generally has a scruffy girl next door look about her.

Carlie is average height, slim build, but is a little muscular in her arms – she is strong and used to manual work.  She is naturally pretty,  but often has a rather scruffy and rough and ready appearance about her.  There is no refinement or delicacy about her – she's a rough diamond.   She has no interest in fashion. Clothes to her are about practicality and comfort, and is often seen in jeans, vest and an open shirt; or in her bike leathers.

She is pale skinned, fresh faced with lots of freckles, and she doesn’t bother with make up except when she has to work the bar at the hotel.  Even then the focus is on neat and tidy rather than glamorous, and she will sweep her messy hair up into a neat updo and wear understated eye make up and simple red lipstick.




Carlie, like her mother, is fiercely independent.  She likes to do things for herself, and has learned not to expect anything from the universe that she hasn’t worked hard for and earned.  She has a bit of a chip on her shoulder about people that act ‘entitled’ but who haven’t earned her respect.  She is a straight talker and hates falseness and pretentiousness.

 She’s determined and driven, and when she wants to achieve something she’ll work hard for it.   That said, she is not ambitious about wealth or fame.  Instead she is motivated by things that interest her, and by doing the right thing.

She has a strong sense of justice, and fairness, and although she is naturally quiet and in most situations will prefer to observe from the sidelines than be center of attention; she is good at standing up for herself and others; and if suitably motivated she will step forward and can get firey and spikey.

She is very intelligent, and though she missed out on good formal education, she is well read and is fascinated by the world around her. She is curious minded, creative and likes to solve problems.


Strong willed, she doesn’t give up easily.

Good problem solver, especially with physical, tangible or visio-spatial problems

Good attention to fine details

Good judge of people, and strong sense of empathy.

Strong sense of justice and fairness.


Quick to anger if she feels she or others she cares about are being treated badly.  Her quick temper can get her into trouble.

Bit of a chip on her shoulder, and overly defensive as she expects to be misjudged.  She’s very smart, and well read, but because of her background, people have been quick to judge her, and she has come to expect this and be defensive about it.


Carlie desperately wants some adventure – a story to tell in her life.  She fears that this is as good as it gets, and that she’ll spend her whole life working odd-jobs and in bars and never having an adventure to call her own.

She is also scared of snakes having been bitten once when she disturbed a nest whilst doing gardening for a client.




High school education.   Then college courses in plumbing, electrics and woodwork.

Carlie had great grades, an exceptional IQ, and real skills in art, particularly sculpture and wood carving.  She was accepted to art school to study art and history of art, but had to turn it down when her mother became ill, as Carlie didn’t feel she could leave her.   Instead she went to the local college to do vocational courses that helped her get work.

She devours books in her spare time though, and has used her woodcraft skills to make many bookcases to hold the many books she has at home.  Her favorite subjects are art, history of art and architecture,  ancient history, mythology, and symbolism.

Special Training:

Carlie has specialist training in wood carving, plumbing, electrics, carpentry and cabinet making.

She also has learned Karate at nightclass.


Carlie is great at visio-spatial problem solving.  She can work out how things go together and how to take them apart.   She is good at fixing almost anything.

She is talented at woodcraft and carving.

She has a great memory, and recalls facts about things that interest her – especially facts from stories.

She is strong for a woman of her size.


Occupation / Position in Society

Carlie works a number of jobs to make ends meet.  Most of her work is through her business ‘Carlie Can-Do’  -an odd job business where she will do basic plumbing, electrical, carpentry and gardening.

But her passion is wood carving and cabinet making.  She rents a small workshop and makes beautiful bespoke items by commission.  She would love to do this full time, but her work isn’t well known enough yet for it to be a viable career.

In the evenings she works in The Regency hotel cocktail bar to supplement her income.  Carlie is empathetic and good at reading people and manages to earn big tips there by listening to patrons at the bar who are looking for a kind ear.


Carlie’s mother raised her herself, and Carlie never knew her father.  Her mother was so strong and independent, that Carlie never felt the need for anyone else, and so never pushed her mother to tell her about her father.  Carlie herself has become a fiercely independent and capable young woman.

Carlie had great grades, a real skill in art -particularly in wood carving, and an exceptionally high IQ, but turned down  scholarship for art school when her mother started to become ill.  After all – they only had each other.   Carlie never told her mother that she got accepted. Instead Carlie went to local college to learn practical skills and set up her own business ‘Carlie Can-Do’.  She also started working in the same cocktail bar her mother had worked in years before.  Little did Carlie know, the same cocktail bar that her mother first met Jerry in years ago.

Carlie’s mother now needs considerable medical care, and so Carlie works hard to earn enough to pay for it. She doesn’t have much time for anything else.  She’s quite lonely, but she’d never admit it.  When she’s not working she absorbs herself in her carving and woodcraft; and in reading.

What is your characters opinion of Uncle Jerry’s Game?

She is rather amused by it.  There was something about Jerry that she liked when she met him.  It was more than just a strange feeling of familiarity – it was the disdain he had for some of the entitled  ‘more money than sense’ crowd, and the mischief and playfulness in his eyes.  She is baffled and yet amused by his game, and keen to play it, even if just to pay a final respect to the man that she wished she had had the opportunity to get to know better.  And let’s not forget – that money sure would change her and her mothers lives.

What is your ultimate goal as you stand on the stairs of the mansion, waiting for Mr Currier to say go?:

To have an adventure and a story to tell.  But there is also a part of her that really wants to win, partly for the money which would be life changing; and partly to show those around her that might pre-judge her that she can.  That’s she’s more than just the odd-job girl.

Writing Sample:

As Carlie switches off the handheld sander, its deafening whirring suddenly stops and is immediately overtaken again by rhythmic guitar and bass and the voice of Jon Bon Jovi telling her that she has to  'live for the fight when that's all that you've got'

With the equipment switched off the music now fills the workshop from the tiny radio on her workbench.
As she pulls the dust mask from her face and wipes and blows off the excess sawdust from the piece she is working on she can’t help but bob her head in time to the music, “Whoa…Livin’ on a prayer…” escaping her lips under her voice.

She runs her fingertips over the piece of wood, now as smooth as baby’s skin, smiling with satisfaction.  She is so engrossed in the music and in her work that she doesn’t even hear the gentleman by the door until he clears his throat for the third time, this time forcibly loudly to overcome the music.
Carlie suddenly looks up, startled, at the impeccably dressed man in the doorway.
“Oh…oh I…I’m so sorry” she stammers, as she hastily reaches across to kill the music.
She stands a little awkwardly in the sudden silence, taking in the man who startled her.  In his expensive grey 3 piece suit and red silk tie he looks out of place in her dusty workshop, yet he stands confidently, as if there is nowhere in the world that he doesn’t belong.  His eyes slowly cast about her workshop, resting briefly on some of the part finished pieces she has been working on.  A look of cool curiosity on his face.

A customer? Carlie wonders.

“Hi….welcome…..Can I help you Sir?” Carlie asks brightly, forcing more confidence into her voice than she feels.

The man turns his gaze to her “Carlie Brightwater?” he asks, in a business like tone.

Carlie hesitates, wondering how the man knows her name, her mind spinning trying to remember if she should know him.
“Y..Yes….I’m Carlie” she replies, hesitantly stepping forward towards him, wiping the dust off of her hands onto her jeans before extending her right out towards him politely.

He ignores the hand,  but smiles at her. “I work for Gerald Northhampton.” He says plainly.  “Mr Northhampton is interested in commissioning some pieces from you….if your work meets his expectations” the man nods.
A ripple of excitement runs through her. Jerry Northhampton….the man from the bar.  I don’t believe it! She thinks to herself.
She smiles widely, unable to hide her excitement.
“O…of course…please…let…let me show you some things.  I have a few pieces here, and…and a portfolio..” she stumbles over her words with excitement as she pulls out a large folder from a drawer.

“What in particular is Mr Northhampton interested in?” she asks excitedly
The man smiles slowly and knowingly “Let’s see what you can do”