Quin Callum

Name: Quin Callum.

Nickname: Tizzy                                           
Company Name, Business Name, High School Name: I attend George Fox University In Newberg, Oregon. Im currently Studying Bioengineering  and Psychology , while maintaining a minimum of 32 hours as a server at a 24 hour diner, “Walt’s Waffles”.

Are you related to Uncle Jerry? No

If so- what is your relation? N/A

If not- how did you come across the invitation?
I met Jerry only a short time before receiving my summons. it was late, on a Saturday evening. My Classmates had gone out drinking, and I opted out in order to be able to study. I grew bored, and took a break from my studies to hop on an Internet chat room for the “mentally gifted”. A place for strangers to share ideas, theories, and hypothesis on current social or political events. I ran into him Shortly in that session. Our communication continued for an estimated three weeks, before he suddenly went…ghost. It was only a few days after, that I received my summons in my mail box.

Gender: Female

Age: She looks young, but is 22 years old.

Hair: Dark blue, almost green in the right lighting.

Eyes: Hazel

Distinguishing Marks: She has a medium sized tattoo on her upper right thigh of an anatomically correct heart. Another on her left wrist, small letters that read “Thoughtless” in a beautiful cursive writing.

Description of General Appearance:   Quin, or Tizzy, is a small framed, short statured female. She received her nickname “Tizzy” from her friends. Whenever she would get excited about an idea, or upset that a hypothesis fell through, her emotions displayed that of a tizzy fit. Her wardrobe could be described as a Hipster punk aesthetic. She generally wears layers of lace or velvet and the colors range from jewel tones to Monochromatic black and white looks. She carries herself in a way that most 22 year old students do; as if she has been slightly hunched over a desk all day and needs some coffee. But when a thought or concept excites her, she stands straight, shoulders back, and head up.


Quin introduces her self as Tizzy. Her screen name when meeting Jerry was and still remains TizzyFit. She can be closed off till someone asks her a question. Emotionally, she can draw back her own feelings in order to support those around her. She is an analytic thinker, and can come off as someone who talks too much when she has an idea. She gravitates towards those that show a genuine kindness, for her psychology classes have taught her that not everyone is who they say they are. Quin is a tactile learner. She Likes to get into the problem and play around with it, finding the best results through failure.

To Piggy back off of the last statement, Quin is not afraid of failure. She will try thing multiple ways, multiple times. She is good with people, and hears their ideas, putting them into play for each moment that comes across.

Quin can be quiet. Because she is so hands on, sometimes she dives into a problem, trying to fix it before voicing her ideas.

Quin fears spiders. they are creepy and crawly, and they fill dorm hall ways.

Final year at George Fox University to complete her degrees in Bio-Engineering and Psychology. She plans to attend a Graduate school, but is undecided, and running out of time.

Special Training:
She is trained in understanding mechanisms of both machinery and body due to her major. She understands the human mind more in depth. She has a natural rhythm

Plays the drums in her free time

Occupation/Position in Society:
Currently a server as she works her way through school.

Growing up, Quin was alone with her mom. She was a lone child, who did her best to make every day count. She found her favorite activities as a young girl included the artistic side of her. Singing songs she made up, or painting with water colors. She was a friendly girl, and was known as the Class pet at school, because her grades stayed so high that it only maid sense that she was being nice to teachers. At the age of 14, her mom fell ill with a Grade III- Anaplastic Astrocytoma . Quin could only really watch and keep her mother company and try to make her smile. The Cancer progressed slowly but aggressively. over a four year span, Quin and her mother fought with cancer and insurance company time and time again before finally, Her mother, Laurey, gave in. She saw how it affected Quin, and knew that Quin was already planning to go to school to try and make something to help her mom. Her mom passed, and its the money from Laurels Life insurance, Quin is putting herself through school, to better herself and the Medical devices in the hospital. She never knew her father. In fact, as far as she is aware, she has no family to lean on. She keeps close to her friends, and her books.

What is your character's opinion of Uncle Jerry's Game?
Quin’s opinion, like a science project, changes with each factor added. At first, she may be stand-offish. It would be weird that a stranger would invite her into his home to solve puzzles. But if the game intrigued her, she may become more likely to find it entertaining, and a personal challenge to accomplish.
What is your ultimate goal as you stand on the stairs of this mansion, waiting for Mr. Currier to say go?
As Quin stands at the end of the stairs, hearing the rules that unfold in front of her, she ponders if her own smart will be put to the test. She thinks back at the conversations she and Jerry had between screens and wonders how much of her he remembered, and if any of his knowledge is going to come back and haunt her in this game. Quins goal is to win, whatever that means. After all, why would a stranger give her money or anything of value?

Writing Sample:
 The Time was 9:47pm before she realized she hadn’t looked away from her computer screen in roughly two hours. She takes note of the smile that slides across her face as she looks away, feeling a sense of pride and fulfillment. Quin stood up and stretched, curling her toes in and out as one arm wrapped behind her head and the other reached to the sky. As her body coiled back to a regular resting position, she stood up to fill her cup with water.

*Bzz Bzz*

Quins eyes darted to her bed, as a small vibration shakes tiny pieces of fabric that make contact with the device.

**New Message: Aria**

*”Miss You!!”*
Attached to the text is an image of her friends. Aria, the blonde who has pink at the tips of her hair is wearing a short black dress that has fabric crossing from one side of her shoulders to the other, all while leaving her cleavage exposed. She has a blue drink with a lemon in her hand and is sticking her tongue out as of to ensure how much fun she is having. Next to Aria in the photo is Al, The best friend of all the girls. He is wearing a button up shirt that has a design on it that can only be described as paisley. His jeans sit comfortably on his hips and his hand is making a peace sign, his brown hair strategically gelled down so that only a few small hairs are in his face. He’s never been a threat to the girls in the group, for obvious yet unspoken reasons.

Quin Smiled as she types back quickly *”Miss you too. Be safe.”*

As she sent the message another popped up instantly.

**New Message: Al”**
“So Who’s the Guy?”

A half cocked smile etched itself across Quin’s face as she decided whether confessing her intrigue for a mystery man is worth the backlash she will receive from her overly protective friend.

“I Haven’t the slightest idea of what you are referring to.”

She typed the words out effortlessly, but deleted the text knowing Al will see through it in only two words.

“Some random on a chat site. He seems intriguing enough. Nothing I’d refer to as more than interesting .”

A moment of silence and chat bubbles danced in her head.

“Ok, Be safe, and don’t show up at his house alone.”

Her fingers danced across the touch screen phone melodically.

“No Knocking on strangers doors, got it.”

She plugged her phone into the skinny white charger that lays on her bed toward the direction of her desk, as if watching and waiting for its one single task to be carried out. She ponders the questions and conversation that she had. The countless chat bubbles that popped up. A small sense of excitement filled her as she waited for the next text. Her head hit the pillow and in a few moments the ghost of exhaustion creeped up, as Quin drifted off to sleep.

**New Message: Unkown**