Dulce Bonadia
Name: Dulce
Nickname: None
Age: (Must be 18 years old or older.) 21
Weight: 120
Height: 5'4
Hair Color: Whitish blonde to jet black depending on which aspect of her heritage she is using-  The whitish blonde is the healer- The reddish brown is the sorceress, the black is the witch.
Eye Color: Hazel
Distinguishing Marks: None

Physical Description:
The Healer:
The Sorceress:
The Witch:

Dulce is a shapely young woman with medium length hair and hazel eyes; however, from time to time the shade of that hair shifts.  While Dulce does her best to maintain her white hair, from time to time the stupidity of others causes it to shift along with her mood.

Dulce was endowed with the gifts of her mother and her two aunts, but along with this came their... problems.  When she is following the path of her mother- Angita, her hair is white and so are her motives.  She wishes to help and heal, and she is calm and tranquil.  When her hair turns red, she tends to follow the path of her Aunt Circe- a sorceress who could turn men into animals.  A woman who reveled in pleasure and regarded things of the world as outside her scope.  When her hair turns black she follows the path of her Aunt Media- a witch with little compassion but mighty magic that has toppled mortal nations.

Dulce prefers to wear comfortable clothing.  Generally she dresses as a mortal in order to blend in better with the community.  Though the clothes get tighter as her various traits progress- her black look being the most sensual.

Lineage: (Who is your godly parent?  Daughter of Angita- Goddess of Witches and Healers, Niece of Circe and Media. [Three faces of Hecate] (Helios' great-grandaugther, and Great-great grandaugther of Oceanus)

Dulce is the daughter of Angita one of the three daughters of Aeetes who was the son of Helios and Persies (Oceanus's daughter).  Her two aunts are Circe and Media two very powerful and completely homicidally insane sorceresses.

Her father is unknown for a very good reason.  Her two Aunts Media and Circe hate men so much that they would have gone out of their way to kill the father.  There is a good chance this happened anyway- but Dulce's mother took a vow to never say his name lest she lose all her powers, when she found out she was pregnant.


Dulce is a very compassionate and caring young woman.  She genuinely cares about the plight of others and wishes only to relieve pain and suffering.  From time to time, her temper flares and she chooses to pick up a wand other than the one belonging to her mother.  When she does, her hair and personality changes to match that of the initial user.  When she picks up her Aunt Circe's wand she becomes a trickster, one who likes to play jokes, parties, and is all about pleasure.  When she picks up Aunt Media's wand she's all about revenge at any cost.  She ignores the plight of those who cannot defend themselves and sees them as collateral damage.  When she drops the wand, her true personality returns and she is usually shocked and heartbroken about what she has done.  Because of this the black wand has been locked up in a case that she refuses to touch unless her temper is riled.

Dulce is a strong witch whether she is carrying the white, red, or black wand.

With each wand she gains a different strength.
White: She has intense focus that makes her a good person to be on the front lines being a medic.  She also has incredible patience gained from taking care of her two batshit crazy aunts her entire existence and a considerable knowledge of healing gained from years with her mother.

Red: She has the ability to put people at ease.  She can calm a situation down with a quick sense of humor and a smile.  She is able to conjure things- mostly not useful in battle, but food, drink, and occasionally turn a human into an animal just for the fun of it or to make a point.  She usually turns them back... usually.

Black: Like the white wand the black wand gives her anger focus.  The focus of her furry cannot run or hide fast enough.  She will destroy cities and armies to get her revenge.  By far the black wand is the most powerful, but it is also the most dangerous for everyone, so Dulce is reluctant to touch it.

Likewise each wand strengthens a weakness in Dulce:
White: Dulce becomes overly focused on helping others, which means she tends to put herself at risk.  She is also more critical of the lack of compassion in others.

Red: The red wand tends to nullify her desire to help people and focus only on fun and games.  While this wand is a lot of fun, it does make her completely blind to any needs or desires of other people other than herself.  In short it makes her selfish.  A lot of fun- but selfish.

Black: Dulce becomes focused on revenge.  All of her compassion is completely lost.  She cannot see the effects of what she has done until she drops the wand or it is taken from her.

Dulce comes from a family of insane women.  Even her mother, who is a healing goddess surrounds herself with poisonous snakes just for the fun of it.  (Source of the word for witch in Latin:   pythonissam.)   She is ultimately afraid of losing her mind- with the three wands she fears it might happen sooner than later.

Dulce also fears that the black or red wands may be something more than she can control.

She fears snakes- probably because her mother used to allow ten to twelve of them sleep with her when she was a child.

Her final fear is regarding commitment.  Despite Aunt Circe's predisposition for flings- the family has not had a great history with men.  She fears that just like her mother and her two aunts, someday she will be seduced and left with an all consuming hate, sorrow, or madness.

Hopes: (Basic direction that you want your character to go in, how you want them to develop. NOT REQUIRED, but appreciated.)

Dulce hopes to break away from the hole her mother and her aunts have fallen into.  Living on an island wallowing in their misery is not healthy in Dulce's eyes.  As soon as she came of age, she left to find hope in the world and perhaps prove the three sisters wrong that men are not the ultimate evil.

Inherited Godly Powers: (Keep in mind that you are a demigod, not an actual God or Goddess. Your powers will have limits.)

Healing- She is not a very strong Healer but with the white wand she can heal most wounds though it does drain her considerably to bring a mortal wound to repair.

Conjuring- With the red wand she is able to conjure things of revelry.  Whether it is wine, food, party decorations etc.  She is also able to do minor transformation spells they work best on mortals, but it could effect a Demi-god if she was willing to put the energy behind it.

Knowledge of Poisoning- Through both her mother and her Aunt Media, Dulce has an unsettling knowledge of poisons that spews out of her the same way that some people spew facts about their favorite TV show.

Magical Cutting- The black wand is almost a Psionic blade.  She can intensify the power of her anger, hatred, or jealousy into cutting thoughts that wound the object of her anger or anything or anyone standing in the way of that anger.  Of course, she is limited to her personal energy in doing this.  While her aunt being a more powerful Demi-Goddess could level armies- Dulce could do considerable damage to a few opponents.

Basic Skills: (Think of skills like hacking, martial arts, etc. Skills a human may have.)

Dulce has taken Medical courses prior to joining up in the fight.  Her initial plan was to become a doctor when she was conscripted into the fight by Helios.

She has basic knowledge in caring for the mentally ill.

She has basic animal handling knowledge and works well with animals- given they were the sanest things around her growing up.



Dulce is the daughter of Angita and a father that she presumes is a mortal or Demi-God but remains unnamed due to her Aunts.  Her mother, Angita, is the youngest of the three sisters.  Media is the oldest and well known for destroying the men who she married and then discovered their affairs and ultimate betrayals.  She slaughtered her own sons and fed them to her husband, destroyed her second husband through magic, and overthrew the entire army of her third husband and put her father in power.

The second sister is Circe who famously had an affair with Odysseus and turned his crew into animals for her amusement.  When Odysseus left her she went insane and joined her sister in her man hating spree.

Angita, the third sister is far from normal.  She's got a fascination with poisonous snakes and keeps them as pets; however she is the goddess of witchcraft and healing through which she took it upon herself to take care of her deranged sisters.  When she became pregnant with Dulce, she hid the pregnancy until it was impossible to hide and then vowed to never reveal her father or forfeit her powers.  The other two sisters were unable to find out the secret without losing their third, so he has remained safe- in theory...

Dulce was raised in the first witches coven and trained by her mother and her two
Aunts.  Until she was 18 she was content to run about the island healing the mortals with her mother, playing with the ménage of animals, and growing up in a near perfect yet somewhat psychotic paradise.

When she turned 18 she had the chance to go to medical school.  Living with mortals she had a chance to see the real world.  She was called back by her mother when aunt Media went on a rampage.  Her great grandfather Helios showed up calling her to join the battle.  Unwilling to leave her aunts with their wands, she stole them and left to join the struggle.

Alignment: At this point she is neutral.