Aleron Kane

'There is nothing more tragic than a man ripped from his ambitions.' At least that's what Aleron's father Nehemiah Kane was fond of telling his son.

As the son of a prominent Ghastenhall noble, it was always assumed of Aleron that he would assume his father's position one day, and, as such, should conduct himself in a manner befitting the means and morality of nobility of Talingarde's most emotionally conservative city. They might be of the same stock as Markadian and his Mitran following, but never did the Kanes ever consider themselves equal. Theirs was a family that survived the fall of the Barcan house and subsequent rise of the theocracy through subtle political maneuvering and a few placid vows of loyalty that could be discarded at their convenience if need be.

However, where Nehemiah lived with the benefit of a calm head on his shoulders, his son was anything but. Rash to the extreme and with a head filled with stories of the wresting of rule from a legitimate government was enough to spark outrage in the young noble. His family's lineage was long-lived and did not forget easily and he would embody this grudge on behalf of those had seemingly abandoned their revenge against the usurper.

Twice he spoke out publicly against the House of Darius and its illegitimate rule and hateful religion before he was summarily and unceremoniously clasped in irons and hauled away from Ghastenhall by the blasted Sir Balin of Karfeld. His trial was quick and weighted, hardly giving credit to his sentience, let alone the words coming from his mouth. Witnesses and character references he had never met appeared as from midair to testify against him, and in a series of events that made his head spin, he was holding in a scream of pain as his flesh was branded with the mark of a traitor.

His last words before they shut the cage door and left him alone to his fate were to Sergeant Blackerly, "If this is the mark of one who would oppose such dictators, then I wear it with pride!"