Lt. Rintoth Fel'saren Vadamrey
Rintoth Felsaren Vadamrey is a name that almost conveys as much importance as he believes he holds. The young Amphemite stands at just under 2 meters tall and is of a slender, lanky build. As typical of his people, he is of a deep blue complexion and has a center ridge of flowing sea-green cilia that resemble human hair styled in a mohawk. In uniform, the high collar covers his gills and his most distinguishing feature becomes either his disdainful gaze or the confident swagger of someone accustom to high status.

While most had never heard of the war of Nexudus VII, the rising tension of the planet's inhabitants was enough to garner the Consortium's attention. The Amphemite population, a naturally amphibious species, was about to break into war between those that primarily dwelled on land and those who favored the sea. Consortium officials negotiated a peace treaty before hostilities could begin, but as a result each side had to agree to have a member of the royal family enlist in the Consortium fleet. Rin hasn't forgiven either side for not disputing that condition.