Calamity Mane
Orphaned at a young age by her herd, a centaur filly learned to live on the street like other urchins and doing what She needed to do to survive. This is how She learned the art of amateur thieving. She learned early that She was simply faster than the local guards and took advantage of that to snatch coin purses and run.

 Named Calamity, because of her unfortunate upbringing and the fact She was a quite a pain for the local law for many years.

 One day, Calamity found a man carrying a long fancy-looking Box. Out of curiosity, She ran and took off with it. Opening it up, She found a few device, a strange box that seemed to fit inside the device, and a handful of odd tools. She had to flee at that point from the man who sought to hunt her down and left town.

 Time has past and now She has found herself before the Deathbell Guild, looking to try to earn a living for once and has begun to understand this firearm She had stolen and how to use it.

 Is She a Calamity for the Guild or her Enemies? Only time will tell.