Rini Iko
Age: Appears to be in her mid twenties.
Height: 157.5 cm (~5' 2")
Weight: appears to be around 45kg (~100 lbs)
Eyes: Light brown, almost golden
Skin: Pale
Hair: Stark white, surprisingly soft

A mess of stark white hair frames her soft, pretty face. Her light brown eyes are practically sparkle golden in the sunlight, though the image is somewhat ruined by the bored look she tend to give people. Soft, feathery black eyelashes, long and delicately curled, frame her not-quite golden gaze. It's hard to say if she's wearing makeup or not, and many a person has mistaken the darkness around her eyes for such, though it doesn't give her a harsh look, far from it.

To the touch, her hair is as soft, if not softer than her features, and appears to be entirely unkempt. Though it looks like a brush has never gone near it, there's a strange fluffiness about it. The kind that makes someone want to reach out and touch her hair. Of course, this is a likely way to be hit by whatever happens to be in her hands at the moment. A lot of work normally goes into hair as soft and luxurious as hers, so some might see it as odd that she doesn't brush it. Fortunately for her, it works quite well for her look.

And it's a look that draws many an eye. Even under her usual Miko garb her curves are plain to see. Though she has smaller breasts, her hips bell luxuriously, her usual hakama not hiding much. Even her most idle movements have a soft sensuality to them, an easy, natural grace that draws the eye and speaks of someone that has spent, and spends, a large amount of time training their body.

Which is somewhat at odds with those that know her. If anything, seeing her doing anything more strenuous than using a broom of her own free will would be surprising. She's an odd fit for a Miko, who are normally not nearly as prone to shirking their duties as she is. Nor do they usually always seem to have a snarky comeback for near everything. Or a strange, red-haired woman in a leather gimp suit following them around.

To be fair, Rini Iko isn't the most usual of people.