Chira Kana
Name: Chira Kana
Age: 18
Height: 167 cm
Blood Type: O

Born to wealth and privilege, Kana had what seemed to be a perfect life, other than the fact that her parents were almost never home.  She had the best that money could buy--the best home, the best toys, the best nannies, the best tutors.  And if one or both parents had to be away on business more often then she actually got to see them, she didn't know any other life to think that she should have something different.  And when she got older, and went to the best schools, most of the other kids in her classes had parents who were just as busy as hers.  But at least now she had friends.  Friends were wonderful.

But friends were apparently not something you got to keep.  Every time her status conscious parents found a "better" school, they transferred her.  Only the "best" for their little girl.  So Kana got a lot of practice being the new girl and the outsider trying to fit in with kids who had already established their circles of friends.

As a graduation present, her parents promised her a trip with them to Australia.  Yes, it would be a working vacation for them, with the need to be in Sidney and Melbourne on specific days of the trip, but other than that, they promised to spend an entire month just enjoying a family vacation and reconnecting with their daughter.

It was not to be.  On the drive to the airport for their redeye flight, their car got pushed off the road by a large truck who's driver had fallen asleep at the wheel.  That driver and their own were instantly killed in the crash, while Kana and her parents were trapped inside their crushed car.  Kana was forced to watch as her parents' life ebbed away drop by drop in the hours it took for their car to be discovered.

After the accident, Kana was stunned to discover that her parents will placed the entire estate in trust, to be overseen by the priest of some shrine she'd never heard of that her mother had apparently been a shrine maiden at when she was a college student.  Speaking with the priest, she learned that her parents had met at the shrine back then, and they had been friends to the shrine ever since.

The priest was young, kind, and good-looking, so Kana happily accepted his offer for her to apprentice as a shrine maiden while she considered her options.

Chira Kana
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