Harrion Morris
Harrion wears tattered wrappings and softened, loose leathers. He appears to be somewhere between 20 and 25. His curly, short hair is dark brown with a rusty undertone and his eyes are black. His dark olive skin is mottled with burns and cuts around his arms and legs from his time traveling without adequate protection and his facial hair is very tight cropped. His most “luxurious” item that he wears openly is a makeshift bracelet of metal pieces strung together with twine. He often plays with it when he’s thinking.

As a child, Harrion was taken for his instinct for locating unique items. He traveled with a group of bandits known for attacking pilgrims along the Wandering Walk. The bandits would attack, and then the children taken as taxation from small towns raided along the way would pick over the bodies.

Harrion hated his captors. They were cruel and dimwitted; two things that always tested his patience. He spared no fondness for the children who shared his duties either; they simply became thugs themselves in time.

On one particular scavenging Harrion found himself with a particular draw to a strange item. It stimulated a growing interest in metal objects. When he touched it, he blacked out. When he awoke, he found the structure they had raided- a hideout used by rival raiders- collapsed around him. Most of those who had been present were dead and the others couldn't be found.

Harrion began to roam the Walk, believing it to be the ultimate guide to finding items of the Numenera. If he found them, he might be able to unravel them and empower himself. He would never be a slave again.