Antoine Durand
Appearance: Tony looks like any other tall, athletic, clean-shaven young man with short dark hair and turquoise eyes that seem to take in everything around him and sparkle with a glint of good humor. Behind the sparkle though, is almost a laser-sharp focus taking in his surroundings.

Everywhere he goes, Antoine wears what might be considered dress casual wear. A light colored sports coat/blazer over T-shirts in dark, solid colors with 'Docker' pants in colors matching the blazer. To complete his typical ensemble,  he pretty well alternates between soft, stylish loafers or comfortable dress boots. When 'on the job' however, he will gladly trade his usual dress for a more form-fitting, less restrictive outfit which often includes turtlenecks and sneakers.

Psychological Profile: Antoine has always felt that standing out in the crowd was a bad thing. Sure, when you stood out, you got noticed and had more people knowing who you were, but Antoine never wanted that. He's aways had an attitude of just doing his job the best he could and not look for any recognition just for that. However, in contrast, his tendency to help random strangers in trouble is one of those thngs that does make him stand out.

Due to his upbringing, Antoine also has developed a fondness for mingling with society. Just being among people with that sort of presence and power seems to satisfy some deep need in Antoine. If he could, short of selling out his friends and family, he would probably do anything to be an actual member of such society.

Another trait from his childhood and teens that has stood him well in his chosen occupation is a fondness for speed in any form it takes, especially if it's due to being behind the wheel of a fast car. He has shown too that no matter if it rolls or floats, if it goes fast, he can handle it.