Mr. Purple
There's a saying that a disarming grin and easy tone are favored tools of the devil; but who says old horny gets a monopoly on a good thing?  Throw in a firm handshake tucked in a velvet glove, sprinkle it all  with a sly sense of humor, and let simmer for about 35 years and this is what you get.  Mr. Purple practically radiates an air of professional yet friendly neutrality; toned down enough to fly under the radar but kicked up easily enough when its time to put the game face on and get to work.

A strange in a strange land he clearly speaks the dialect (and a few others) but he's a ways out from Dorthy. Toss in a style of reference that's not always easy to get (who is Sonny and why do I want to be more like Micheal?) and get a man who tends to leave an impression.