Merit Santos

Name: Merit Santos

Play-By: Camila Cabello

Age: 26

Occupation: Charter Boat Captain.

Birth Place: International Waters, US Citizen

Sexuality: Hetero-flexible

Physical Description: Physically fit and naturally athletic Merit Santos is a tall lean woman of American and Cuban descent.  She has warm brown skin and an athletic build that still retains pleasantly subtle curves.

Merits hair is long black and silky in appearance even when twisted and curled by the sea winds.

Her dark brown eyes appear almost black at night and have hints of gold in the sunlight.  They are large, carry a hint of wicked mischief and almost always smile even if that smile never fully reaches her lips.

When attempting not to show her amusement a single eyebrow raises up ever so slightly betraying her true feelings without fail.

Distinguishing Marks: Merit has a few work related scars.  Small nicks and cuts on her hands that are mostly unnoticeable.  The exception to this is the tip of her left middle finger that was once cut to the bone and now sports a long thin line where the mostly numb digit eventually healed. She has three modest tattoos, a small faded sailboat on her right ankle, a series of small stars that start well inside her right hip bone and disappear under her bikini line, and a gypsy moth hidden at the base of her neck visible only when her hair is pulled up.

Personality: A free spirit Merit loves people and yet has never fully allowed herself to love anyone due to a lonely upbringing and fears of intimacy and abandonment.  In spite of these relationship blockers she is friendly and relatively well adjusted.  She has a kind heart and has never expected much out of people thus rarely holds a grudge when things don't work out.  She has several ex boyfriends and one ex girlfriend that she still maintains friendly contact with.

Merit loves kids.  Not babies and never wants one of her own but she loves kids and can spend hours upon patient hours playing with or instructing them.  Her favorite types of customers are families with kids something most other charter boat captains avoid given the choice.

She is incredibly self reliant not out of some high moral standard or code but out of experience and necessity.  She's comfortable doing things for herself and others doing something for her is a strange mix of turn on and turn off that sways from one side to the other based primarily on the level of trust she has for someone.  Something that isn't readily given in spite of her friendly nature.

Although she works in a male dominated field and has a few hard edges Merit is typically sensual and soft romantically.  She likes touching and kissing and is an incredibly giving lover.  She generally prefers men however she has had a few short relationships with women but none of them have ever worked out due mostly to the arms length emotional distance she keeps most people at.

Background: Born in international waters off of the coast of Florida Merit had an unsteady yet not entirely bad upbringing.  Raised by a single mom with mental health issues Merit bounced around from home to home living in 22 different ones before the age of 4 at which point her mothers tragic suicide left her in the care of aging grandparents that she hadn't known prior to her mothers death.

Although her grandparents provided her with ample opportunity to do the things other children did like dance and playing youth sports they were never the loving or nurturing sort.  In many ways this was a freeing experience allowing Merit to perform these activities out of the pure joy of them not as a way of pleasing them.  Of all of her youth activities swimming and diving were her favorites and the two that she excelled at.

A good but not exceptional high school student Merit joined the coast guard at the age of 18, shortly after her grandmother passed away.  She did an 6 year tour where in she eventually came to work with search and rescue and then exited the service with a clean record and love for the open water.  For a few years after that Merit attended school in Miami and picked up random work on area charter boats until the death of her grandfather left her with enough inheritance money to buy a boat of her own that she dubbed the Gypsy Wind.

Since then she has been running her own charter business operating primarily in the gulf and occasionally along the eastern seaboard.  Although relatively young she is a knowledgeable and experienced Captain and Fisherman.

Likes: The Sea, surfing, paddle boarding, swimming, diving, volleyball, Mini Golf, fishing, fishing stories (any story really), music, storms, dancing, Ice cold beer, helping others and the sand.

Dislikes: Rude people, horses (I like them from a distance), most wines and sometimes the sand.

Strengths: Self reliant, creative problem solver, strong swimmer,

Weaknesses: Never gets too close to others,

Fears: Emotional Intimacy

Fun Facts: She love kids.  Babies not so much but kids that can walk and talk are awesome in Merits book. She served in the coast guard and that one time her boat was impounded in Hatti.  She stole it back so technically she's a pirate.