Caden Vojak

Name: Caden Vojak
Age: 21
Partner: Eclipmon (black lunamon)

Quote: "Take it in while you can, you come here and you get to see the wonder and majesty of this place. You get to know these amazing creatures, grow and live together. And then you're forced to fight, you become a soldier. See, no one gets summoned here to just enjoy this place. No, you've been drafted into whatever war is happening in the digital world. And if you win, and I do mean if, you get sent thrown back to thank you, no companions, just the memories to haunt you...hope this conflict ends quickly so you can go back home and you can forget about this place. If you don''ll eat you alive."

Synopsis: Caden has been here before, fought this battle before and won. He's also sworn to never come back to the digital world. But it seems that the digital world has other plans, pulling him back into the battle once more; maybe to learn what he missed last time. Caden is haunted and hardened by the digital world in a way that few will ever understand. During his first foray into the Digi-World, he was met by Lunamon as his partner and they were an inseparable team. However, in time, tragedy struck and Dianamon was destroyed in battle, not reincarnated but truly deleted. This broke Caden and gave him a brutal drive, he hardened his body and brought the fight to the Digimon with fist, feet and any weapons he could salvage from defeated enemies. Despite winning the battle in the end, Caden was left hollow, especially with no time to grieve his companion. This has left scars on Caden, mental ones that hurt more than the myriad of scars that dot his body, shaking his belief to the core about his worthiness to be a destined. And when they won, they were flung back into the real world. At first, it was a relief...but years in the real world has left him a loner and bitter, with a warped view on the world and the partner he lost. He views whatever power controls who and who doesn't get pulled into the Digi-World to be unfair and cruel.

Despite this and his rather gruff, anti-social nature; he is...deep down glad to be back. He would never admit it, but he's missed the Digi-World, as for him, it's the only place he feels like he belongs anymore.